Parents: Use VivoPlay to Track Your Child

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If you are a parent, the question of whether or not to equip your child with a cell phone has probably been raised a few times. My own children span from kindergarten to middle school and I’ve seen and heard it all, from other parents as well as my children. Personally I don’t believe in children carrying cell phones, mainly because I am always home and know where they are, as well as how they can be reached at all times, and vice versa. My fifth grader, however, disagrees. Some of her friends carry cell phones, and she’s always trying to convince me that having one of her own is a necessity. I can sort of see their parents’ points of view: they are working out of the home, their child is in numerous after school activities and sports, and they want a way to get in touch with them wherever they may be. I just can’t justify adding a cell phone onto the family plan that will see little to no use, or even worse, astronomical bills from excessive texting or talk time.


For parents like me, there’s the VIVOplay from Evado Filip US. This device combines GPS tracking, WiFi, an a GSM connection into a wristwatch, and is said to be the smallest communications and location device to assure you can communicate with your child anywhere, at any time.


Do you want to tell your child you’ll be a little late picking them up from soccer practice? Call the VIVOplay and speak with your child directly. What if they want to get in touch with you to ask if they can stay at the playground down the street a little bit longer to play basketball with friends? You can program up to five numbers your child can call. If your child likes to explore, you can program a geofenced area. When your child goes beyond the geofence or enters an unauthroized area, you are alerted on your smartphone at once with their location on a map. All of these customizations are set using a smartphone app.


What if your child finds themselves in a dangerous situation? They simply press a special red emergency button and the five pre-programmed numbers are dialed simultaneously. The VIVOplay will instantly begin recording audio and location information is recorded and saved for use by responding emergency personnel.


It is quite the child-friendly GPS device. The VIVOplay is water resistant, and encased in thick rubber to keep it safe from damage. The charger is housed within the device itself, keeping it protected while also lessening the chances it will get lost.


“After a frightening personal experience where I briefly lost my young son, Filip, in a mall, I realized that a communications and location device for children was not a nice-to-have but a must-have,” said Sten Kirkbak, founder and CEO of Evado Filip. “VIVOplay allows parents to be able to speak with and find their child with a simple, easy-to-use mobile device that has functionality appropriate for young children.”


Details as to pricing and availability have yet to be released, but it is estimated the VIVOplay will be available for pre-order at some point in Q2.

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