St. Louis: Homicide Victim’s Car Located With GPS

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Friends and relatives gathered at the funeral of Ebony Jackson, found shot to death in the trunk of her own car in St. Louis in late January. This discovery was made four days after authorities found her baby abandoned in Brekenridge Hills. Authorities relied on the GPS device installed in her car from the dealership which is usually used to track down the vehicles of those who aren’t making their car payments.


30-year-old Jackson’s three-month-old son, Donavon Prom, was discovered in his car seat in the hallway of a Breckenridge Hills apartment complex by a resident on his way to work, four days prior to the discovery of her body. Authorities obtained a court order to gain access to the information collected by the GPS device, and tracked it to the parking lot of the apartment complex that family says she has no connection to whatsoever. Her cousin, Jessie Mosley, said “It’s just totally out of character for her to be in a neighborhood like this. Even the car being in a neighborhood like this.” The rear license plate had been removed.


The one thing the GPS tracking device did not reveal: Jackon’s body was in the trunk of her own car. Autopsy later revealed a single gunshot wound behind her ear was the cause of death. No one has been arrested in connection with the case.


Many ministers spoke at Jackson’s funeral. One of them, Rev. Kevin Jacques of Gregg Chapel AME Church in St. Louis said that he prays that “whoever committed this senseless act comes to justice.”


Investigators are still hard at work trying to find her killer. They still have yet to determine where she was killed, and whether she had been in the area on her own accord or brought there after the murder. One thing is certain: there are many unanswered questions, and many people who are looking to answer them for the baby boy that initiated the whole investigation.

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