I’m Here Offers Versatile, Colorful, Compact GPS Tracking Solutions

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One of the many GPS tracking devices announced at this year’s CES show, includes the colorful, compact I’m Here trackers. I’m Here is brought to us by the same Italian company that introduced I’m Watch, an Android smart watch. There are a few things that make I’m Here stand out from its competition. The design of these devices make them versatile, fun and easy to spot if needed. The I’m Here GPS devices can be used for just about any tracking need, from pets, to valuable possessions, to luggage and even family members.


These tiny, colorful tracking devices are about a quarter of the size of an average smartphone. They can be hidden inside luggage, diaper bags, under a car and even tied to a shoe or collar. The small size makes the devices useful for discretely tracking valuables to guard against theft. This way, if a valuable is stolen or misplaced, the GPS can be activated to locate the missing property. The bright colors, on the other hand, make these devices perfect for easily spotting car keys or other items often misplaced. The colors can also be more attractive to children, which may make tracking them a little easier.


The I’m Here devices are connected to a smartphone app. When your luggage, pet, or other valuables to missing, simply activate the tracking device and the location will be transmitted to the smartphone app. The devices also come with an emergency call button, which sends a distress signal and location to the smartphone.


I’m Here will begin shipping in May of this year. The total cost of the device and app is $169, which is a fairly expensive starting price. For this cost, you can activate the GPS tracking device 200 times with no additional charge. Each activation after that is $0.05. Competitors typically have a smaller initial cost, but may include annual fees and more expensive activation charges.

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