A GPS Tracking Thermostat

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GPS tracking devices have become an important of many people’s lives, but a recent development may bring this technology into an entirely new area. What if the thermostat in your house knew your location and adjusted your house’s temperature accordingly? Eversense, a new product by Allure Energy, promises to do exactly that.


How does it work?

Although it sounds complicated, the idea is actually fairly simple. Using an Android or iOS app, each family member’s smartphone communicates their GPS location to the thermostat in the house. When the last person leaves the house, the temperature is adjusted accordingly. Then when any family member reenters a certain proximity of the home, the thermostat triggers the heating/cooling system to ensure a comfortable temperature when they arrive. It can even be set to play that person’s favorite music! Since travel time is often affected more by traffic than by distance, each person can set his or her own proximity zone.


How is it different?

In recent years, thermostats have been getting more and more intelligent in their quest for energy savings and ease of use. Modern families are simply too busy to remember to adjust the thermostat each time they leave their home, but they still want the financial benefits and energy savings of having done so. There are a few products on the market that claim to learn the routine of a family and adjust the temperature accordingly. The Eversense, however, operates on the premise that many people’s schedules vary considerably. For instance, an unexpected sick day or a vacation require a programmable or learning thermostat to be manually adjusted, but the Eversense’s use of GPS tracking technology enables it to perform accurately regardless of a change in routine. Of course, this intelligence comes with a price tag as the Eversense retails for $349 — significantly more than a programmable thermostat and even a bit more pricey than a learning thermostat.


What about the future?

It is likely that this sort of product will continue to evolve to allow it to control more and more features of the home. There is the potential to control lights and other appliances as well. Perhaps someday GPS tracking applications will enable us to arrive home to a hot cup of coffee, dinner cooking in the oven, and the TV on to our favorite news station.

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