BrickHouse Security Protects Baby Jesus with GPS Tracking

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Some people love a good prank during the holidays, but stealing baby Jesus from His manger bed should not be one of them. The nativity scene figurine isn’t the only kind to get pilfered regularly, but it’s certainly the most popular. Now, thanks to New York-based company BrickHouse Security, with GPS tracking retrieving baby Jesus is simpler than ever.


When Jesus Goes Missing …

Sometimes those swipes can be costly if the figurines are never found. For example, a (roughly) $1,800 Jesus made of Italian ceramic was taken during the Christmas season in Wellington, Florida, in 2007. The next year, people wised up, and Jesus was GPS tracked. When He disappeared that season as well, He was found shortly thereafter in a private home. That’s not the only instance; unfortunately it’s a common occurrence with nativity scenes all across the United States.


BrickHouse Security GPS Tracks Him (and Others)

That fact is what prompted BrickHouse Security to start its Saving Jesus program, having been up and running for seven years now. The company provides complementary Spark Nano GPS trackers (shipping costs included) for churches and various other not-for-profit organizations for the holiday season as well as free use of their online technology via Google Maps to do the monitoring—and not just groups associated only with Christmas. Many religious groups, for instance those observing Hanukah and others whose celebrations fall during the same time, are encouraged to protect their prized decorations (like menorahs) with the available equipment.


Participants of the “Saving Jesus” program simply attach the GPS tracking device to (most commonly) their baby Jesus and let Him rest; the fact that He’s being tracked is also advertised to discourage any theft. Should He disappear, the figurine owners can go online to their BrickHouse account and locate His exact coordinates, which have the option of being sent directly to local police if so desired.


Apparently the plan is working. The director of Public Safety Outreach for BrickHouse Security, Marc Horowitz, claims that of the hundreds of baby Jesuses known to have their GPS tracking technology attached, not one has ever been taken on the company’s watch. Now that’s a great track record.

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