Free Android Phone App Integrates GPS Tracking With Sharing Features

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Now you can use your Android phone for not only GPS tracking and location-based reminders, but also sharing POIs, travel routes, photos and coordinates. inViu routes, a free Android app download available from Google Play is the only one of its kind currently on the market. Just like a standard GPS device, your phone can now record travel routes with the added benefits of making geo-notes, setting geo-fences, making and sharing coordinate-based photos and assigning POIs.


Get in sync

With this app, however, networking is not limited to your phone. You can set additional GPS devices and other inViu mobile users to track on your phone. The tracked routes and phones can also be viewed in real time on inViu web, free web-based software. Anyone with an inViu account or subaccount may access this tracking information. In fact, if you upgrade to the pro version of inViu routes, you receive extended use benefits such as synchronizing up to four phones with the same account at no additional charge.


What else you can do

So what’s the fun factor? Popular activities such as geocaching are made simpler using one device: your phone. Save your POIs with exact GPS coordinates, even if you’re hiking in the middle of nowhere. Record your favorite travel routes. Take a picture and email the exact location using a map image or GPX or KML file through any other app on your phone including social media. Send a geo-note via text or voice to a friend so they get your message near the location as they travel.


More than just a GPS

As a GPS, the inViu app helps you find locations on OpenStreetMap. Using the geofence feature, you can set voice or text notifications to signal travel past a certain point. If you take a photo, embedded GPS coordinates will document the exact spot, which info can be saved or shared. Set location-based alerts pertaining to POIs or to help you remember to pick up a grocery item using geo-notes. How about safety? Families can use inViu to view routes for their children, seniors or even pets.


Who were the geniuses that came up with this handy app? The company is ENAiKOON, a Berlin-based German telematics solutions organization in its 11th year of business. Though it has worked in such diverse industries as the medical, logistics, transport, construction and cleaning fields, it specializes in—you guessed it, mobile tracking solutions. ENAiKOON has developed technology to aid in fleet management, employee monitoring and theft prevention.

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