GPS Tracking Stops Bonnies and Clydes

GPS Bank Robbery
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Altura Credit Union in Moreno Valley, California, was robbed one morning at 9:30 AM. Three males, faces covered and armed with guns, went in and exited with an unknown sum of cash. As they jumped into their vehicle, they began to make their way toward Los Angeles. Unfortunately for them but luckily for law enforcement, those bills they’d pilfered were being GPS tracked with a concealed device. California Highway Patrol trailed their GPS signal on their way to their destination and set up a roadblock at an appropriate section of the freeway in question to perform vehicle searches and inquiry. The three bank robbers were apprehended and put under arrest—and the money safely retrieved—thanks to GPS tracking.


An Undisclosed Technique

Some police departments are not so forthcoming about how money is thus monitored, as is the case with Buffalo Police Department in New York. A Bank of America branch was robbed in Buffalo, NY, and the sack full of $100s concealed within the trash. But luckily for the police, who were able to track and reclaim the bag, a GPS monitoring device was left somewhere inside the cash by an employee of the branch; whether it was attached to the paper money itself or elsewhere was not revealed. The equipment used is so miniscule a search of every single bill in the pile might have been necessary to discover it. Either way, the Buffalo police want to keep their currently successful, proprietary GPS tracking technique a secret for as long as possible.


How Connecticut Does It

A similar situation occurred in Groton, Connecticut, at the Navy Federal Credit Union. Though scared, the bank employee there obeyed at gunpoint a man’s handwritten note to fill his sack with what ended up being $5,501 and an additional $2,000, which regrettably for him included a GPS tracking device. The concealed equipment begins transmitting its signal when removed from the drawer. Officers answering the emergency communication center’s dispatches were able to obtain the exact moving coordinates of the thief as they materialized.


When the robber was tracked to the New London Naval Submarine Base and eventually to a specific street intended as an exit, the base police were made aware and, shutting down all possible escape routes from the base, checked individual vehicles on that street. In a quarter of an hour the suspect, based upon the bank employees’ description and monitored money found, was apprehended and arrested.

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