New Development in the GPS Watch Market

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A GPS watch is an important part of any serious runner’s equipment. With the ability to record pace and distance, it can provide valuable information to help an athlete in his workouts. There is a wide range of GPS-equipped watches on the market, and they all have slightly different features and offer somewhat distinctive functions. However, despite the crowded field, a new device may soon be released that will be unique enough to stand out from its competitors.


The Leikr & Its Uniqueness

The Leikr (which means “game, sport, play” in the old Nordic language) is being developed by a new Danish company known as The Leikr Team. Its engineers formerly worked for Nokia and have combined their knowledge of small electronics with their love for athletics to create the device. The Leikr has several points that will make it distinct from other sports watches. The most obvious is its color screen. While wider than most at 2 inches, a slim design keeps it from feeling bulky. Another marketable feature is its claim to quickly connect to GPS satellites, eliminating the need for wasted time at the start of a run. The watch comes with built-in Open Street Maps to enable the athlete to easily see his route as he goes. Despite all these features, the team is promising a battery life of 24 hours while the GPS device is active.


Other Features

The Leikr also sports many other features already available in the GPS watch genre. The device can connect through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB for athletes to upload their exercise data. Users can download workout plans or customize their own. The display is protected by gorilla glass and the strap is medical rubber that should not become degraded or sticky.


Its Release

In order to procure funding for production, The Leikr Team has partnered with Kickstarter, which offers a way for new businesses to secure funding for a project. The Leikr received all of its financial support by the deadline of February 1st, putting it on track for release in June of 2013.


The Leikr may well be the start of a new wave of innovation in the crowded GPS watch market. Its color screen, onboard maps, and fast satellite hookup may quickly make it one of the top choices for serious athletes.

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