FL: GPS Tracking Anklet Leads Cops to Burglar

GPS Criminal Tracking
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We’ve reported on a host of cases of dumb criminals, not one of them understanding precisely how GPS location technology works. Back in October of 2012, we wrote about a parolee from Massachusetts who didn’t think twice about burglarizing a home despite the fact she was wearing a GPS tracking device on her ankle. Of course, authorities were able to place her at the scene of the crime and even pinpoint exactly when the act was committed, as the homeowner wasn’t sure when the crime took place.


In another case, registered sex offender Wilbert Matheney, regardless of the GPS ankle bracelet he was wearing, entered the home of a 90-year-old man and 48-year-old woman and stole their laptop computer. The woman and other neighbors described Matheney and directed the police to check out a local group home for registered sex offenders, which just so happened to require the residents to wear GPS tracking ankle bracelets. Upon review of his location history, they found Matheney was in fact the burglar, and were able to send him back to jail.


Now, you can add Dwight Miller’s name to the Idiotic Criminal Hall of Fame. In Cooper City, FL, a resident reported a burglary where $12,000 worth of electronics and jewelry were stolen. You can imagine the surprise when police saw a wallet laying on the floor, pulling out an ID belonging to 20-year-old Miller. Even more surprising: a computer records check of Miller showed he was assigned a GPS ankle bracelet after a prior burglary.


Police were able to look over Miller’s location history, finding that he was indeed at the exact address on Forest Hill Drive, at the exact time the burglary took place. Miller is currently being held in jail without bail while he awaits trial. I would like to say he’s learned the power and capabilities of a GPS tracking bracelet, but you just never know.

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