FL: Truckload of Stolen Beef Saved by GPS

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Yes, you read that right. Thieves made off with a giant refrigerated truck full of thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of beef. Luckily, a GPS tracking device aided investigators in tracking it down.


The thieves somehow ditched the truck, and stashed the meat away in an unrefrigerated warehouse with intentions to sell it at a later date, according to investigators.


Brad Bateman, a meat broker with North South Foods, told reporters with Channel 9 beef is a lucrative item for thieves. “It’s something we see quite often,” he said.


The truck was stolen from a parking lot in Osceola County, and contained roughly $250,000 worth of meat stored inside. It was found in Seminole County, only without it’s expensive load.


Sanford Supermarket’s Willy Peralta told Channel 9 that some of his delivery drivers had also been robbed. “Some of them have been stuck up for their truck and some of them, people just get in their trucks and drive off,” he said.


The use of GPS tracking devices is not uncommon in the meat industry to track the expensive cargo. Says Bateman, “Somewhere in the palettes or in the product, because most of the time the trucks are found but the meat is missing.”


GPS device is exactly the reason investigators were able to locate the stolen cargo in a warehouse in Orlando. Four people were discovered operating a forklift in order to unload the meat from a U-Haul. They were preparing it to be sold on the black market. “Selling it to small discount stores,” Peralta said. “Going into a neighborhood and unloading it for cash.”


This kind of meat can give anyone who ingests it many different bacterial diseases, usually because they aren’t refrigerated. “You don’t know what grade it is,” said Peralta. “You won’t even know what that meat was going to be processed for.”

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