Parents Consider GPS Tracking for Children

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Terrifying stories of child kidnappings have prompted some parents to explore GPS tracking options for their own kids. Parents feel that knowing their children’s whereabouts is essential to safety, and that tracking devices could locate kids speedily if they wandered off or went missing.


Because the child abduction rate is rather high, there is a growing awareness of the need to keep track of children; if a child is not in the house, a parent cannot simply assume that he went down the street to play with a friend. Some parents would go to any necessary lengths to maintain their offspring’s security. Those at a higher risk of going astray, such as special needs children, already use tracking devices. But in light of current trends regarding missing children, many more parents turn to technology to seek ways to insure that a child could be found quickly if he or she suddenly disappeared.


Tracking Apps for Phones

One handy tracking device is a child’s own phone. Parents can simply download a tracking app to a phone and have an instant resource for determining the child’s location. One parent mentioned that she thought that using a phone tracking device would cause her child to feel that he was being monitored constantly; however, if a child already has a phone, it is very cost effective and easy to use that GPS device if there is a pressing need to determine its location.


A Bracelet That’s not Jewelry

Another GPS locating device that is already in current use is a tracking bracelet. It was put to the test recently when it quickly reunited a parent with her special needs child who had wandered away. This bracelet is not available to the general public yet, though. It is exclusively used for children with Down’s Syndrome or autism and adults with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. But you can find similar tracking devices online.


A Whole New Meaning for “Track” Shoes

A futuristic tracking idea is GPS shoes for children. Adult sized GPS shoes already exist; a person can set up a boundary for the shoes which, when crossed, will cause the shoes to emit an alert to the person who is keeping track of the shoes. One parent indicated that if tracking shoes were available for in children’s sizes, she would certainly buy them—of course, they would be outgrown frequently.

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