Helios Smart Handlebars Implement GPS Technology

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Here at RMT, we’ve reported a few stories about GPS tracking devices for bicycle enthusiasts. The devices are loved by cyclists because they provide route information, track there distance and speed, along with all kinds of other useful information. Some devices come in the form of a wrist-watch or a smartphone app, but it seems a young entrepreneur has thought of the next big thing. Kenny Gibbs, based in San Fransisco, CA, recently successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to offer smart handlebars, with GPS navigation and tracking technology built-in. They are called Helios Bars and claim to transform any bike to a smart bike.  

678 backers helped raise $120,106, almost doubling the $70,000 goal by June 20, 2013. The handlebars attach to your bike and come with a built-in GPS device, which can be traced in case someone steals the bike. The Helios Bars also include GPS navigation help with turn-by-turn directions. Rear-facing LED lights on the handlebars also indicate when the cyclist is approaching a turn. The tracking technology can also record routes, distance and speed information.  

Other than the GPS features, the smart handlebars include a lot of safety features. Helios bars come equipped with a 500-lumen headlight for increased visibility. Another great safety feature are the left and right turn-signals. The speedometer is visual with color changing lights to indicate changing speed.

The handlebars can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and an iOS app. When you approach the bike, the Helios bars light up. The smart handlebars have a battery life of around seven hours and is rechargeable. They come in bullhorn and drop-bar style and are made from aluminum. Now that the Kickstarter has reached its fundraising goal, the team will move into production.

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