A Promising GPS Camera

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As individuals travel far off the beaten path, the demand for a GPS camera equipped to go with them has arisen. Such a device would need to be rugged enough to withstand rough handling while still technologically pleasing. The WG-3 GPS by Pentax just might fit that description.

Its Design

The WG-3 is a little bigger than many compact cameras with measurements of 2.5 by 4.9 by 1.3 inches and a weight of 8.1 ounces. It is available in metallic green or purple. It promises to withstand drops of 6.6 feet and up to 220 foot-pounds of pressure. It will continue to operate in temperatures as cold as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and can be taken up to 45 feet underwater. 

Its Abilities

The WG-3 GPS camera can take an initial shot within about 2.5 seconds and will continue to take pictures with only a 0.7 second pause between shots. It has a 4x zoom lens and takes very sharp photos. Unfortunately as the ISO increases, so does the graininess or noise in the photo. This poor image quality is a major failing of the camera. Its video quality is quite good, but it picks up the noise of the lens focus on the soundtrack. This is slightly annoying during normal recording, but very distracting when using the zoom lens.

Its Features

One of the most attractive features of this device is simply its ability to work as a GPS camera. Once it locates a GPS tracking signal, it records the location of each photo taken. It does, however, take about a minute to lock onto a GPS signal for the first time. Another nice feature is six LED lights located around the camera lens. They provide even lighting for special conditions, such as when taking extremely close pictures in Digital Microscope mode. The camera is also equipped for inductive charging, which allows the user to replenish its battery by simply placing it on a Qi charging mat. There is a cheaper version of the WG-3 available, but it lacks the GPS technology and inductive charging capabilities.

While a GPS camera may not be at the top of your wish list, it does not take much thought to begin to see the benefits of the technology. The ability to quickly determine where a shot was taken eliminates much of the guesswork of scanning through old vacation photos. It may be well worth paying a little extra for this useful feature.

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