Keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe on the Road with GPS Tracking

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Summer heat and winter chill can both pose serious threats for older people, especially when they’re travelling. In the event of a breakdown, a missed turn, or a misinterpretation of directions, elderly people may have difficulty getting help. GPS tracking can help provide peace of mind for family members by giving them a way to ensure their loved ones’ safety while at the same time maintaining the independence of elderly parents, grandparents, or relatives.

GPS tracking devices allow family members to keep an eye on the location of their elderly loved ones when they’re out on the road. Some models can be set up to send an emergency alert when a button is pressed or to send regular updates at specified intervals. Whether you choose a phone app, a portable tracking device, or a unit that can be installed permanently in the car, the device can ensure that loved ones aren’t without help if something unexpected happens.

Some elderly people appreciate the assistance offered by a GPS unit. They can make effective use of a phone app that sends a text or email to an emergency contact when needed. Another option is a personal tracking device that can be clipped to a belt, worn around the neck, or carried in a pocket or purse. These personal devices can be simple locators or they may include two-way communication and emergency alerts.

These types of devices don’t work for everyone, however. Not all elderly people want to carry a GPS tracking device with them everywhere they go. They may forget to bring it, turn it off, or leave it somewhere. In these instances, a better choice may be a permanent device that can be installed in the car. Permanent devices cost more than the smaller options, but they can be wired into the car’s battery to ensure that they don’t run down, and they are more difficult to disable.

If your loved ones resist the idea of being tracked all the time, they may still be open to carrying a GPS device on a long trip to give peace of mind to family members. Some companies offer daily or monthly rentals that will let you know if problems happen away from home. The safety of your loved ones is of the utmost importance, and GPS tracking devices can give you the information you need to ensure that your elderly family members have help if they need it.

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