CoPilot GPS Navigation App Comes To Windows Phone 8

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Looking for an accurate way to find where you are going on your Windows 8 smartphone? Look no further than the CoPilot app! ALK Technologies Ltd. has recently announced its handy app that gets you where you need to go is now being offered for the Windows 8 phone platform.

smartphone privacyI personally put this GPS app to the test, the iOS version, on a recent journey from NH to TN with many stops in between, and not a clue as to where I was going. The app was insanely precise, and allowed me to choose from a variety of routes to get to my destination. If I wasn’t satisfied with the routes the app calculated for me to choose from, I could plot my own route. The maps allowed me to see POIs, and even when the GPS signal was unable to be located (like when we camped in the mountains of Virginia) or there was no network coverage, I was guided directly to my destination.

All of the functionality of the iOS and Android app – route planning, highly detailed street maps, points of interest data, offline maps, and more – are now available for Windows 8 devices such as HTC’s Windows Phone 8X, the Nokia Lumia 920, and the Samsung Ativ S. Even better: it’s free!

“People depend on their phones for maps and guidance. Yet online mapping apps can be costly if used abroad and unreliable in places where there’s limited mobile Internet coverage,” said ALK Technologies head of consumer applications, David Quin. “CoPilot is designed for use offline, providing guidance even when there’s no mobile connection. It’s been incredibly popular on Android and iOS, and now we are delighted to extend this experience to Windows Phone 8 users too.”

What do you get for free? For 14 days, users are treated to the voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation feature, as well as the app’s real-time traffic service, Active Traffic. After the trial period expires, users can either upgrade to CoPilot Premium, where they will receive unlimited turn-by-turn navigation, or continue along with the offline maps and route planning for free.

Also included for that sweet, sweet price of free: street maps that store on the phone itself, built-in POI lists for whatever country map you’ve downloaded, route planning and drag-and-drop editing, and the itinerary optimizer that calculates the best route involving multiple stops.

Want to take CoPilot along unfamiliar city streets for a walk? No problem! Just use “walking mode” in order to get around and enjoy Yelp, Google, and Wikipedia integration. Have you used CoPilot? How was your experience?

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