GPS Capabilities of iPad Exceed Expectations

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In an astounding display of GPS tracking capabilities, police uncovered $25,000 worth of stolen merchandise. The story began when a woman reported her stolen property, which happened to include an iPad, to the police. By activating the GPS tracking capabilities on the woman’s stolen iPad, the police were able to trace it to the home of George Gary in Austin, Texas. After the police set up surveillance, they observed a man arriving at the house; he left holding an iPad. When Richard Harrington (Mr. Gary’s recently departed guest) ran a stop sign, the police had a reason to stop him. To confirm that the iPad Harrington had in his possession was the woman’s stolen iPad, the police sent an alert to the stolen iPad. Harrington’s iPad and the stolen iPad were one and the same. Harrington informed the police that he had just purchased the iPad from Gary. With that testimony, the police acquired a search warrant for Gary’s house.


1415738_96419294At the start, the detectives could not have anticipated the extensive results of their investigation. In Gary’s house, the police found over $15,000 of stolen property: computers, tablets, and a television that belonged to the woman whose iPad played a key role in the investigation. Unsolved cases were also linked to the abundance of stolen goods. For example, the police discovered $10,000 worth of musical instruments from a previous case.


Gary confessed that he had been purchasing and selling valuables for about six months. According to the arrest warrant documents, he admitted that he knew the property had probably been stolen. Gary was charged for theft by appropriation, which is a third-degree felony. Harrington was also arrested for theft by appropriation. The police made one other arrest that day. As it turned out, Harrington had a companion in the car with an outstanding warrant for drug-related offenses.


The iPad has grown in popularity for a plethora of reasons, one being that it makes life so much more convenient. Most people don’t purchase one for its built-in GPS technology. However, in this instance, the iPad proved to be most valuable due to its GPS tracking capabilities. The built in GPS chip of an iPad has an accuracy of pinpointing location close to that of the standard GPS used in vehicles. The police solved multiple cases and made three arrests, all because of the accurate and reliable GPS tracking capabilities of an iPad.

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One thought on “GPS Capabilities of iPad Exceed Expectations

  1. Hello Mark Rummel,
    I take your point, All right, I’m 25 years old but I’ve fallen really behind on technology and need some help (keep in mind however that I am very proficient with computers and I learn quick). I’ve found a few caches with a friend and am really interested in continuing this. I’ve been trying to do some research on what GPS’s are best for geocaching and really I feel lost because people are talking about GSAK and paperless vs not.

    So in terms easy for myself to understand lol, I am looking for:
    -an accurate GPS or Ipad touch (if it has the capability to geocache)
    -will not cost a small fortunate (less then 350 is good, and I don’t mind buying used)
    -do not need GPS for driving directions because I already use an older Garmin model for that
    -paperless I think? I do not want to have to download or load any info or hints before I go out geocaching

    Well, thank you all in advance for your help. I really need to keep up with technology!!! And keep in mind, I’m really not picky, but something that fits into all the categories above is important!

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