India’s Sanitation Department To Utilize GPS Devices

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India is once again seeing the value of the GPS device, this time in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). The AMC has begun monitoring their waste management vehicles with GPS devices, allowing the city to make improvements to their solid waste management practices and thus bettering the sanitation conditions citywide.

SatelliteIt is currently a pilot program, and the bidding process is active. The contract will be awarded to the winning private company who will then install the GPS navigation devices on all waste management vehicles.

The city is highly concerned about hygiene and sanitation conditions and authorities have made addressing this issue a top priority, engaging a door-to-door waste collection drive. The AMC also hopes to achieve zero-waste status by 2031, and although the amount of waste collected has increased, there are still some issues.

One problem: collection and container lifting. Another issue lies in the frequency of waste management vehicle breakdowns. They’re hoping the GPS tracking devices will aid them in finding problems with the collection of waste. “If the vehicle gives any residential colony or spot a miss, we will get to know that without stepping out of office,” said deputy municipal commissioner of AMC’s e-governance department, D P Desai.

Desai explains that the city has asked GPS device and software providers to bid their way into city vehicles, and the pilot program saw five companies install their devices in five wards, on three vehicles per ward. This pilot program went on from May 27 to June 10.

“A state government-owned agency is analyzing the results of the pilot project. The pilot project results will help us verify claims made by the companies about the performance of the technology used by them,” Desai said.

As soon as the pilot project results are determined, the bids will open. Naturally, the contract will go to the lowest bidder.

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