eZoom Compact GPS: Giving Parents of Teen Drivers Peace of Mind

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My daughter will be 14 in less than two months. It scares me to no end to imagine her driving in less than two years! Of course, she’ll start out driving with me, but eventually she’ll receive her driver’s license, giving her the power to drive all by herself. That’s what really scares me.

teen girl looking at car keysAnd for good reason: the CDC reports that car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers in the US. What’s more, those drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely to get into a fatal collision than those drivers 20 and older.

Enter The eZoom

Securus, Inc. understands those fears that all parents of teenage drivers experience each time they set foot in a vehicle, and developed the eZoom GPS tracking device. It’s kind of like driving alongside your teen without physically being there.

“As a father, I know how important it is to keep children safe, particularly in a high-risk situation,” Securus President and CEO Christopher D. Newton said in a press release. “Summer is a prime time for teen driving because school is out, and it’s natural for parents to worry about their high risk teen drivers. eZoom is the perfect solution to provide peace of mind for families by giving parents a way to keep tabs on their teen drivers’ speed and location, and it gives teen drivers a way to stay in touch with the press of a single button.”

What It Does

This compact, lightweight GPS tracking device features a waterproof casing and clip so that it can be attached directly to the keychain. You can also affix it permanently to the vehicle. It will track your teen in real-time, providing a history of their GPS location via website or mobile app, and even send you a text message alert when they exceed the speed limit.

Speed limits are set by the parent, and they can choose to receive an email rather than a text message. The eZoom GPS device will also alert you when your teen arrives at or leaves a specific location (a geofence.)

What if your child is one of those problem teens, sneaking away with the car when they aren’t supposed to? You can remotely set the device to alert you as soon as the vehicle moves, all from your mobile phone.

Is eZoom something that would benefit you and your teen? Newton said, “eZoom is there to give parents and teens comfort in knowing that help is available if needed.”

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  1. This is such a good idea! I’m definitely going to be talking to my wife about potentially getting this for our teenage daughter. It’s worth the money.

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