How to Stop Teens from Texting While Driving

do you wish that you could stop your teen from texting while driving? Here are some tips. Call RMT today for a GPS tracker for your teen’s vehicle.
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While texting and driving isn’t something that teens do exclusively, teen drivers are less experienced than adult drivers (although that doesn’t make it okay for adult drivers to text while driving either, and adult drivers are just as guilty as teens). If your teen has a bad habit of texting while driving that you can’t break, here are some ways to try and stop this bad habit from getting out of control.

  • See what your teens are doing at all times by installing a camera inside of your vehicle. This way, you can determine whether or not your teen is texting while driving, and what your teen’s friends might be doing to distract the driver as well (sometimes friends just add to the driving confusion).
  • Don’t be a bad example. Do you know that most teens drive the way that their parents do? So if dad is always on his phone while driving, a daughter may find that driving while texting or talking isn’t a big deal at all. If dad does it, why can’t I? Setting a good example for your teen driver is the best place to begin breaking this really bad habit.
  • Tell your teen what will happen if they are caught texting while driving. Different states have unique laws regarding being caught texting while driving, so look these up and let your teen know the severity of breaking this law. Also, explain that the car will be taken away if your teen continues to text while driving.
  • Install a locking app on your teen’s phone. There are various apps out there that will lock a phone and prevent texting according to vehicle speed. If you install any one of these apps on your teen’s phone, she will not be able to text while driving no matter how hard she tries. Explain the consequences of uninstalling these apps just in case she’s tempted to try and remove them.
  • Get real with your teen. Show him pictures of teens that have texted while driving and are now in critical medical condition. Sometimes, shock therapy is the best way to drive a message home. This is especially true with teens, since most teens are under the impression that they are invincible.
  • Limit the number of friends allowed in the car at one time. Sometimes, friends can be really distracting while a teen is driving. If a friend is trying to grab your teen’s attention, fiddle with a phone, or take photos while your teen is driving, all of these things add up to a really bad mix. Make sure that you limit the number of friends allowed in a teen’s car at once – two is a good number.
  • Try and work with the trust that you have for your teen. Explain how much you trust them, how you hope that they will follow your rules, and that you’d be very disappointed if they broke any of your driving rules. Sometimes, simply knowing that a parent is pleased is enough to deter a teen from breaking a house rule or other law.
  • Install a GPS tracker on your vehicle. If you want to keep a close eye on your teen driver, there’s no better way to do this than with a GPS tracking device. You can see how fast your teen is going, where they are going, and when they take your car without asking.

We’ve all been a teenager and we all know how tempting this can be! But today’s teens are faced with more driving distractions than ever before, and texting while driving can be deadly. Call RMT today for a rate on the best GPS tracking unit for your car, and protect your teen as much as you can.

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