What GPS Can do for Fleet Management

What can GPS tracking devices do for your fleet? Here’s some information that you probably didn’t know.
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If you run any kind of business that requires the ownership of a fleet, you’ll be doing yourself and your business a lot of good if you install GPS tracking devices on all of the vehicles in your fleet. Why does GPS make a difference? Here are some of the reasons why installing GPS trackers on all the vehicles that you own will benefit your business in a big way.

  • Cutting back on fuel costs: most people don’t think about GPS tracking when it comes to fuel prices, but if you are paying a lot in fuel (and you are if your trucks are always on the road) GPS can help cut back those costs. How? With a tracking device, you can determine how long a driver takes to get to one destination, how much fuel is used, whether or not that driver is taking the best and most cost-effective routes, and whether or not a driver is allowing a truck to idle for too long. By analyzing this data, you can create better routes and let drivers know how to cut back where fuel is concerned.
  • Watching employee driving: how often have you been cut off by a truck on a road, or have hoped that your drivers are not driving carelessly? It’s hard to tell how drivers are really doing if you aren’t with them every step of the way, and that’s nearly impossible to do. While you can’t be there, GPS can be. Just from the data that a GPS system can collect, you can see whether or not your drivers are driving too fast or are not driving along the best possible and safest routes.
  • Beefing up customer satisfaction: is there anything more important to a business than customer satisfaction? Without happy customers, your business doesn’t mean very much. When a customer calls and wants to know where a shipment is or how long it will take to get the item that they’ve ordered, you can give them precise details just by looking at your GPS data log. It’s really hard to beat that kind of customer happiness!
  • Tracking down stolen goods: trucks get robbed all the time, and this happens even more often if your drivers are always driving in places where there is a lot of theft. You can arm a truck with armed guards, but this won’t help if those guards are pushed aside. What will help is keeping an eye on your trucks using GPS technology. If a truck is stolen, you can see where that truck is just by logging onto your GPS platform and taking a closer look.
  • Overall peace of mind: you’ve probably paid a lot of money to purchase trucks, and you’re also putting a lot of money into paying drivers that you hope are doing a great job for your company. When trucks are on the road without your watchful eye, all you can really do is hope that both the trucks and drivers are doing their jobs. The only other way to see what’s happening is to work with a company like Rocky Mountain Tracking to equip your trucks with GPS tracking devices.

A Common Misconception

A number of trucking company owners assume that installing GPS trackers on trucks is an expensive thing to do. The fact of the matter is that you will save money in the long run with GPS systems. How? By keeping an eye on your drivers, by cutting back fuel costs, by making sure that your trucks are running smoothly, and by taking the time to analyze all of this data in order to ensure that your company is running the best that it can run.

It’s also hard to discount that customer satisfaction note. There’s little that means more to a company than the satisfaction of customers, and GPS can make this aspect of your company thrive. If all of those things sound good to you, make sure to call RMT today for a quote on GPS trackers for your fleet.

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