OnStar Can be Easily Hacked

Did you know that OnStar systems can be hacked into? Protect your vehicle with the help of a GPS tracker from Rocky Mountain Tracking.
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In order to test out OnStar’s vulnerability, a researcher by the name of Samy Kamkar created a device that he called ‘OwnStar.’ OwnStar is a small device (roughly the size of a router) that uses WiFi to break into OnStar systems. When testing out this device, Kamkar found that not only could he break into OnStar systems, but he could also do things like start a car’s engine, unlock doors, and use remote location systems to find a vehicle.

While Kamkar doesn’t plan on becoming a car thief, the security test did point out some major flaw with the popular OnStar system. Largely assumed to be safe from hacks, Kamkar’s device has proven that even OnStar is vulnerable to hacks. Thankfully, the OnStar system does not include enabling things like hitting the brakes or cutting off the engine, but the fact that someone can break into an OnStar equipped vehicle using such a basic homemade device does prove that the system is not flawless.

Some Time Coming

This isn’t the first time that critics of vehicle technology have pointed out just how vulnerable any kind of online system is when it comes to theft. But, it’s one of the first times that someone has proven just how easy it can be to hack into a car that’s equipped with technology. If someone had enough interest in breaking into cars through a system like OnStar, all it would take is a bit of tenacity to create a box much like the one that Kamkar did.

Since vehicle manufacturers are moving more and more towards technology that connects cars to all kinds of systems (including more WiFi in cars), skeptics point towards devices like the one that Kamkar made as a means of noting just how easy it is to break into any car that is equipped with a lot of tech. What does all of this mean for consumers? Kamkar isn’t stating how he created the device or what kind of time went into creating it, but it does mean that if someone has created a device that can hack into a system like OnStar, someone else isn’t too far behind.

Is Your Car Safe?

Everything from baby monitors to cars can now be hacked into, and there are more than a handful of people out there willing and waiting to create a device that can easily hack into a car. Expensive cars and cars that are desired for parts are too tempting for hackers to pass up. But does this mean that you should avoid buying a car with tech completely? It can mean that you may want to consider the level of technology that a car has before buying the latest WiFi equipped car or a car that does the driving for you. But, most thieves will only break into cars that are unattended.

This means that leaving your high-tech car parked on a street is a bad idea, but it also means that you need to have better property protection. When you use a GPS tracker to keep tabs on your car, hackers won’t be able to get very far with your car even if a system has been hacked into. Right now, a GPS is your best line of defense against hackers that will soon, no doubt, be creating devices much like the one mentioned above.

Getting a GPS

At Rocky Mountain Tracking, it is our goal to make sure that your property is safe from theft by finding the right GPS tracker for your vehicle. Whether you drive a Hummer or want to protect any heavy machinery that you have purchased, a GPS device is the best possible option. Call us today for rates and details!

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