Transporting Goods On Dangerous Routes: The Importance of Tracking Devices

Tracking devices can help drivers that have to pass through dangerous routes feel safer while also protecting cargo. Call RMT for fleet tracking devices today.
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When most of us see trucks on the road, they are traveling the usual routes (most of the time, they are traveling the sames routes that we travel by car). While we never think about those trucks that drive on more treacherous routes, that’s the reality of the transportation business. Some truck drivers pass through frozen areas that are slippery and dangerous while others drive through areas that are known for a lot of truck hijacking and crime.

What do these drivers do when they are out of range of help or can’t defend the contents of a truck on their own? The world of dangerous trucking is an interesting one! Take a look at the things that drivers do when driving routes that are dangerous for one reason or another.

Weather Safety

Goods have to get to people all over the world, and that can mean that some drivers have to drive across frozen roads, roads in the middle of deserts, and roads that are often blocked by falling objects. In order to avoid the worst routes, dispatchers provide drivers with the best routes possible using GPS technology. But sometimes even the best routes are bad, and that means that drivers will still have to take those tough routes.

What do drivers do when there’s nobody around for miles and roads are bad? Many drivers make sure that they have safety kits in their trucks at all times. Things like blankets and extra food and water and some form of heating are essential no matter where a driver is headed. Other drivers make sure to remain in contact with someone at all times, and if cellphone reception is cut off, they rely on GPS to let company headquarters know where they are. Weather can be very unpredictable, and that can mean that a lot of drivers are put in difficult situations.

Theft Precautions

There’s not much that a driver can do if a number of thieves try and hijack a truck. This might sound like something out of the movies, but the fact is that trucks are hijacked all the time in various parts of the world – and, yes, even in North America! Most companies instruct drivers not to argue with thieves that have loaded weapons, since doing so just isn’t worth the potential consequences.

But truckloads that are stolen can still be tracked if trucks are equipped with GPS tracking devices. Even if a driver has been instructed to leave a truck, the actual truck can be seen on screen through the use of a GPS program. This allows a company’s headquarters to note where a driver and a truck are at all times. Not only is this important to recover any stolen goods, but if a driver has to jump out of a truck in the middle of nowhere, a company can pinpoint that exact location. This is why most trucking company today have equipped entire fleets with GPS tracking devices.

Setting Up Your Fleet With GPS

It can seem like equipping all of your trucks with GPS trackers is expensive and highly difficult to do, but that’s really not the case. If you take a look at our blog, you will see the various ways that a GPS tracker can be installed on any vehicle including trucks. You can also call us today to find out how much GPS trackers for your fleet will cost (discounts do apply).

If your drivers are driving in areas that are dangerous for one reason or another, tracking devices will be your best defense. Call RMT today for more information.

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