The Importance of Securing Your Assets

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64-impalaOne of our customers in California recently had his classic car stolen. The car is a restored-high-performance 1964 Impala with super-nice custom paint. He had installed a $150 Smart TrackerTM in the car in case it was stolen. Rocky Mountain Smart Trackers can be installed on a vehicle or trailer and activated at a later date. He had also installed the Smart TrackerTM himself with a simple 2 wire installation.

When our customer found his car was missing he went online to the Rocky Mountain Tracking website ( and activated the tracker. Once activated he called police with the location of his stolen pride and joy. The police were able to get to the location that our customer and the Smart TrackerTM had given them. Not only was his car recovered but 4 other cars were recovered that the thieves had also stolen. The stakes were especially high since the cars were in the process of being loaded into containers to be shipped overseas. It was a great day for our customer, for Rocky Mountain Tracking and for the Smart TrackerTM.

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