Relocating Your Stolen Assets

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I’d like to applaud a site I came across recently: . They catalog and promote information to help find stolen cars, trailers and all kinds of personal property. The good news is that there a people who recover cars and trailers and post that information. The bad news is that I see a campers, cars and motorbikes that are missing for an extended amount of time and are in rough shape if and when the property comes back. Rocky Mountain Tracking Smart Trackers are inexpensive and far less than the $400 and $500 rewards I’m seeing on the site. If you see property being stolen in your area, or if you do a search and find it’s an issue, purchase some Smart Trackers and do yourself a favor. Installation is simple and I’d recommend using the free service to verify the tracker is working. If you like you can also activate the unit for 1, 2 or 3 years. A 1 year activation with 100 locates is $49.95 and the 2 and 3 year activations are less per year. With an activated Smart Tracker you can set a geo-fence and get immediate notification to your cellphone if there is a theft event.

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