GM Has a New Self-Driving Cadillac

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

General Motors Company is working on a new self-driving Cadillac that will debut in 2017 (if all goes according to plan, that is). The new Cadillac will include many self-driving components, but it will not be entirely void of human control. GM has told press that the car will still require some human interaction. Super Cruise Technology GM’s is developing something called “Super Cruise” technology, which lets drivers go hands-free while in a long traffic line, or while on a very long drive. Presumably, drivers can remove their hands from the wheel during these times, and the car will simplyRead More

GPS Tracking of NY Assemblyman Legal, But Acceptable?

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Politics can be a dirty game. Negative ads abound, and during voting season some politicians will stop at nothing to prove points. This was the case in NY when the state’s Assembly Republican Campaign Committee hired an investigator that placed a GPS tracking device on Democratic Assemblyman Edward Hennessey’s car. Why? To prove he didn’t live in the district he represented. Many, like Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle, feel that this is taking things too far – Morelle went so far as to say that the GOP should be “embarrassed by it.” Others, like the GOP Chairman Ed Cox, feltRead More

The Tracking Key Pro

Tracker Key Pro

If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable GPS tracking solution, check out the Tracking Key Pro. This GPS tracking device is extremely small (approximately the same size as the two AA batteries that power it!), boasts up to 80 hours of usage before charging the battery, and provides crucial information for determining the whereabouts of your loved ones. What’s more, it is an excellent choice for businesses looking into GPS tracking systems fleet purposes. Features This little 3-inch long GPS tracking device is as rugged as it is powerful, and it can be affixed magnetically outside of a vehicle, and,Read More

A Short GPS Disruption Expected This Weekend

Flare CC Photo Courtesy of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

This Saturday, you may look up in the sky and see something interesting, if you live away from city lights to the north, that is. There will be two solar eruptions surrounding earth around midday Saturday. The solar eruptions will impact the Earth’s magnetic field, and may cause a disruption to radio transmissions and to GPS tracking technology. While the storm is nothing to worry about, it might be worth it to head outside this weekend and look at the sky – or just know what’s happening with the Earth. The Details A smaller solar storm already struck the EarthRead More

Apple Chooses GPS Technology

Apple Watch

Apple announced a few new devices the on the 8th of September, and one of those devices was the Apple Watch (notice how it’s not called the “iWatch”). The Apple Watch will do all kinds of really interesting things, but it’s also equipped with GPS tracking abilities – much to the dismay of companies like Garmin that currently have watch on the market. While the crux of Apple’s watch isn’t based on GPS tracking, it is a feature that’s definitely part of the watch. In case you missed that portion of Apple’s presentation, here’s why the Apple Watch is aRead More

Chevrolet Introduces New University of Texas Silverado

Chevy CC Photo

Chevrolet has introduced a new University of Texas special edition Silverado. This truck is decked out in custom paint colors, has the University of Texas symbol on the truck, and comes with chrome steps (there are also logos on both sides of the truck and on the tailgate). Chevrolet has previously introduced a different University of Texas Silverado, but this one adds a few more features to the mix. Why is Chevy bothering with all the University of Texas pride? For starters, the truck is really decked out. Secondly, University of Texas is home to more than 50,000 students (bothRead More

GPS Tracking the Celebrity Photo Hack

mikael altemark

Apple’s iCloud was recently targeted by hackers that stole some celebrity photos, and later shared and traded these photos online. Apple claims that its iCloud service is secure, and that the photos were taken through other means, including the possibility that hackers cracked email passwords. The strange thing about the stolen photos is, though, that some of the celebrities targeted claim the photos that were spread were actually deleted months ago. So, how can photos that were deleted a long time ago still exist? As it turns out, Apple’s iCloud stores photos for a long period of time, even afterRead More

Smart Tracker

RMT Smart Tracker

If you’re in the market for a vehicle tracking solution, but you don’t need something that tracks the vehicle’s whereabouts 24-7 (yet, you want to be able to see where that vehicle is at any given point in time), look no further than the Smart Tracker. This vehicle tracking device will give you instant access to a vehicle’s location whenever you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and only when you need it. The Smart Tracker’s main purpose is to recover stolen property, but there are other applications that are suitable for this trackerRead More

Ford’s Green Zone

Beverley Goodwin

Ford Motor Company is working on something called “Green Zone” that uses GPS technology to determine when a car should use battery power, and when it’s better to rely on fossil fuels. Most hybrid cars can switch between the two energy sources, but doing so has to be done manually. The new Green Zone technology that Ford is developing wouldn’t require any kind of manual switch. Instead, the tech uses GPS to determine when a car should draw on what source of energy. How Green Zone Works The problem with manually switching from fossil fuels to battery power is thatRead More

How Your Smartphone Tracks Your Location


Have you ever wondered how your phone’s GPS system actually works? The science behind location tracking via smartphone is actually really interesting. The next time you use your phone, think about the following system – it will blow your mind! Up High In the Sky Presently, there are around 24 American satellites in space. Prior to the year 2000, it wasn’t really possible to access or use these satellites, but they were still there. When the smartphone came into existence, those satellites that were orbiting out in space suddenly become useful. Even though the satellites mentioned here are American-owned, theyRead More