Would You Run 5.7 Miles for Love?

Will you marry me spelled out by running with a GPS.

What would you do to propose to the person that you love? Would you run 5.7 miles using a GPS tracker in order to spell out the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Well, that’s what Ben Chudley of England did this week when he decided to propose to his two-year girlfriend. The Plan Chudley knew that he wanted to use his phone’s GPS tracking device to map the words to his proposal during this run. So, he set out one day and ran the route that would eventually create the words for his proposal. But, Chudley didn’t want to proposeRead More

You Can Now Buy a Volvo Online

An old green Volvo.

Car manufacturer Volvo has announced that the company will start to sell cars online. This is a first for Volvo. It’s also a first for most car companies other than Tesla (you can buy some Tesla models online), but Volvo’s strategy seems to be focused on the online market – with eCommerce becoming more and more what consumers want. Volvo has told press that the company aims to make all of its models available digitally to consumers through the Volvo website. But, there’s a catch. Volvo models might be available online, though consumers will have to go through a dealershipRead More

CNet’s Tech Cars of the Year (2014)

Satellite Orbiting Earth - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

CNet.com is one of the most reliable tech review websites. Throughout the year, journalists at CNet test various components of popular cars based on a tech criteria. Things like the best in-car command system, stereo, and drivetrain are all taken into account in each review that CNet publishes. At the end of the year, the company posts the best tech cars that the CNet team tested. Here’s this year’s list. 2015 BMW i8: The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid that doesn’t look like your typical hybrid. This car has a carbon fiber body, in-car apps that impress, various driverRead More

Top Cars for Travel

Range Rover.

If you’ve ever been stuck in the back or front of a very small or really uncomfortable car on a long road trip, you know how important a comfortable car is. Whether you are planning an upcoming trip or just happen to travel a lot by car, here are some of the cars that you might want to consider buying or renting the next time a long trip is in the cards. Volkswagen Jetta Sport: Any VW wagon is a good roadtrip choice really, but the Jetta Sport happens to top this list because it’s both spacious and comfortable.. FordRead More

This $2.7 Million Ferrari is Sold Out

Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari made 32 FXX K models. All 32 of those cars has been sold – each at $2.7 million. Who can afford such luxuries? The FXX K was debuted in Abu Dhabi where it was snatched up quickly by budding billionaires. The FXX K brings back a classic shape and design, and it boasts 1035-hp under the hood. Not only is the FXX K the most expensive Ferrari ever sold, it’s also the most powerful. About the FXX K While you’re too late to buy one, you can still oogle over the details, right? The ‘K’ in FXX K standsRead More

Seiko’s New Astron GPS Watch

Seiko Astron GPS Watch

With all the hype about the new James Bond movie, you might be inclined to think the new Seiko Astron is a 007 gadget — that’s the fictitious stuff that the Astron is made of. But this isn’t fiction. It’s a real watch that anyone (spy or otherwise) can wear. What’s spy-like about the Astron is that it harnesses the power of GPS satellites. The automatic watch changes time no matter where you are on the planet using GPS technology. No more messing with watch times when you cross the pond, and no more arriving to a meeting three hoursRead More

This Is What James Bond Will Drive Next

Aston Martin Spectre

The new Aston Martin that James Bond will drive in the upcoming film ‘Spectre’ has been announced. This version of the car is the Aston Martin DB10, and it’s pretty. It’s also something that CEO Andy Palmer was more than pleased to show off. Palmer didn’t provide any real details about the DB10, but he did tell press that the new Bond mobile provides a good look at the direction that Aston Martin is moving in with its newest line. Aston Martin has had a 50-year relationship with James Bond – 2015 will be no different. Prior to that, BMW stoleRead More

How to Buy a GPS Navigation System

GPS Navigation system with no reception.

Have you looked at the many GPS tracking systems out there lately? Whether you’re buying one for yourself or for someone on your holiday list, there’s a good chance that you have no idea which decision is the right one. The choices of GPS tracking systems can be dizzying, but there are some fundamental things that any good GPS system should have – take a look. Easy updates. The biggest complaint that people have about any GPS tracking system is that most are outdated quickly. Updating some GPS systems can be a real hassle. One of the things to lookRead More

How GPS Saved This Woman’s Life

Old beat up GMC van.

GPS trackers tend to be in the news when a new product is launched, or when new technology related to GPS trackers is available. But every once in a while, GPS trackers manage to save someone’s life. This is exactly what happened in Philadelphia recently. A Kidnapped Woman Is Tracked On November 2nd, a woman was kidnapped while walking down the sidewalk. Surveillance cameras caught a van pulling up beside the woman, the body of a man stepping out and grabbing the woman, and the woman being shoved inside of the idling van. The video cameras that caught the crimeRead More

Best Black Friday New Car Deals

Ford Interior car steering wheel

While you may have your heart set on a new iPad this Black Friday, car manufacturers are getting in on the Black Friday action too, though most people don’t think about buying a new car as part of a Black Friday deal. New cars are a much bigger purchase than an iPad, that’s for sure, but you may be able to get a great deal on a new car if you act during the Black Friday frenzy. Plus many of these deals last through December. Rocky Mountain Tracking has gathered up some of the top Black Friday new car deals,Read More