GPS Ankle Bracelet Identifies Home Intruder


GPS tracking ankle bracelets have been in use by police departments for a number of years now. The goal is to prevent criminal offenders from committing further crimes by monitoring their movements using a GPS-equipped device that locks around the subject’s ankle. The devices serve both to deter the wearer from committing an additional crime and also to track their movements if a violation does occur. The devices are not fool-proof, and there have been cases where a parolee has managed to remove the device and disappear from police surveillance. However, most criminals are smart enough not to commit crimesRead More

South Korea Requests Approval to Buy GPS-Guided Missiles


GPS tracking has a long history of military use. The technology was first designed by the U.S. military to assist in tactical operations. As new and better applications have been developed, governments around the globe have also implemented GPS tracking for both military and civilian purposes. New military uses continue to surface, and one recent development is the GPS-guided missile. GPS-guided missiles use GPS satellite data to lock onto a target remotely, eliminating the need for manual guidance. Cluster bombs can be equipped with GPS technology, making them much more accurate as they seek out larger targets like armored vehicles.Read More

GPS Tracking Goes Dumpster Diving

garbage truck

Some industries are well-known for their use of GPS tracking to assist in the daily operations of their fleet vehicles. Construction vehicles, buses, taxis, police vehicles, long-distance truckers and many others use the technology to make sure each vehicle is where it’s supposed to be and to monitor their activities throughout the day. But one industry that may not be considered very often is the refuse industry. That’s right–garbage trucks. Most people don’t think about garbage trucks very often, but they perform an important function: keeping our towns, neighborhoods, and homes free of refuse. And thanks to a new typeRead More

Shrinking GPS Technology Allows for Broader Applications


When it comes to Global Positioning System technology, if you can imagine a use for it then someone is probably already developing it as a product. Advancements continue to impress and progress, giving mankind amazing new capabilities. While most of us are well aware of GPS guided navigation systems, organizations and companies around the world are using GPS technology for tracking, crime prevention, emergency search and rescue, and environmental management, along with numerous other applications. Thanks to the U.S. military’s ongoing pursuit of technology, many highly sophisticated devices have become familiar to civilians. And we all benefit as they progressRead More

Tappan Zee Construction Uses GPS Technology for Added Safety

Tappan Zee Bridge

A few miles north of Manhattan and its famous bridges (the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, George Washington Bridge, etc.) is another historic and important New York State bridge: the Tappan Zee Bridge. Crossing the Hudson River at a spot called Tappan Zee (one of the river’s widest points), it connects Tarrytown to South Nyack. The original bridge—the longest bridge in New York State—opened in 1955. In the nearly sixty years since then, the population of the area and therefore its traffic congestion have dramatically increased. The bridge’s aging infrastructure, coupled with the fact that it carries far more trafficRead More

Stolen Cell Phone Leads Cops to Burglar


No one goes to bed at night expecting to find a stranger in the room in the morning. In fact, that’s the stuff nightmares are made of. But that’s exactly what happened to a Seattle woman in Beacon Hill. The intruder was in the process of helping himself to a cell phone and some camera equipment when the woman awoke and confronted him. When she pushed him, he turned and ran, taking the equipment with him. Unbeknownst to the thief, his every move was being monitored by the GPS tracking device in the woman’s cell phone. When police showed upRead More

Cyber-Poaching: Creating Controversy over GPS Conservation Methods


Environmental groups use various Global Positioning System (GPS) conservation methods to manage wildlife and their habitats. Areas around the world that were previously impenetrable to man are now able to be studied via a wide variety of GPS applications. As technology develops, so, too, do the means to improve conservation efforts. One valuable aspect of GPS tracking is the efficiency of data collection and evaluation. This enables the tracking of large scale tasks. For example, countries can manage certain regulatory systems through GPS tracking. Border delineation, mining operations, logging management, and weather monitoring are just a few of the tasksRead More

GPS and Indian Politics

India transportation

In December 2012, a 23-year-old woman and her male companion boarded a private bus near South Delhi after a night out. The couple was immediately assaulted, and the woman was repeatedly raped by the male passengers as well as the driver of the bus. The woman later died from the injuries she sustained in the attack. The incident caused immediate public and violent outcry against a government that fails to protect its citizens, especially its female citizens. Laws were passed and changes implemented to protect passengers on public transportation, including a plan to install GPS-enabled navigation and surveillance equipment inRead More

GPS-Guided Transportation for the Elderly

elderly couple

We live in an aging society. As the Greatest Generation passes on, the Baby Boomers are swelling the ranks of the elderly. In fact, the National Center on Senior Transportation anticipates that by 2020, one out of every six people will be over the age of 65. And medical advancements have paved the way for these seniors to live even longer lives than generations past; however, with age comes failing health and disabilities with increased need of care. Organizations, family members, and individuals themselves are realizing the value technology has in not only improving their lives but also in makingRead More

New York Lawmakers Consider Bill to Restrict GPS Stalking


GPS tracking is a powerful tool, and like any tool it can be used both for constructive and destructive purposes. Tracking technology enables citizens to protect themselves and others, find lost cell phones and laptops, keep track of their pets, and benefit in many other ways. But in the hands of a criminal, it can also be used with criminal intent. One such usage of the technology is GPS-enabled stalking. In 2012, Jackie Wisniewski contacted police and told them she was being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, Dr. Tim Jorden. Jorden had placed a GPS tracking device on her car withoutRead More