A Canadian Wild Boar Problem

Wild boars playing in the mud.

What happens when you introduce a new species into a foreign place? In the case of numerous wild boar in Saskatchewan, you get a species that thrives quite unexpectedly. Fish and Game authorities in Saskatchewan, Canada, introduced a number of wild boar into the environment to help with agricultural diversification. What authorities didn’t account for was that wild boar can survive in harsh climates, and wouldn’t simply die out as they had originally thought. Boars Like Cold Weather Wild boars live naturally in Russia, and Russia is known for its harsh climates. When the boars were brought into Saskatchewan, itRead More

The Informer Lite

Rocky Mountain Tracking Informer Lite

One of our most popular products at Rocky Mountain Tracking is the Informer Lite tracker. This real-time tracking device has a lot of beneficial elements, is easy enough to install, and is the ideal solution for any tracking problem that you are having. Here are some additional details about the Informer Lite car GPS tracker. Standout Features When buying a car tracking device, features matter. The Informer Lite isn’t light on features! The following benefits are included with the Informer Lite. Live tracking including one-minute unlimited locates Simple 3-wire installation 2-year warranty Complete GPS tracking full-featured device Geofence options SpeedRead More

The RMT Tracking Key: Details

GPS Tracking Key - Rocky Mountain Tracking

The Tracking Key is a car GPS tracker that Rocky Mountain Tracking is proud to sell. This small tracking device includes complete maps and reports, has a good battery life, and can be attached to many different areas of your car. If you’re curious about the Tracking Key, here is some more information about this unique device. Things to Know About the Tracking Key Is the Tracking Key the right car tracking device for you? We can help you figure out which device will work best for your needs, but here are some ways to determine whether or not theRead More

Teaching an Old Bear New Tricks with GPS

A brown bear, maybe a grizzly bear.

They call her No. 148. From the moment this three-and-a-half year old grizzly bear wakes up to the time she retires for the evening, her movements are being tracked thanks to a GPS tracking device worn in the form of a collar around her neck. Biologists in Banff, located in Canada, collared No. 148 back on June 12, 2014 in an effort to reduce the number of grizzlies killed on highways and railways, a joint project between Canadian Pacific Railway and Parks Canada. The goal of the project is to see how these young bears use the land around them,Read More

The FitBit Surge Now Has a GPS Tracker

FitBit Surge - Image via Apple Insider. Rocky Mountain Tracking

The FitBit is one of the most popular fitness trackers on the market, and now FitBit has announced a few new trackers to the already popular lineup. FitBit is debuting the FitBit Charge, the Charge HR, and the Surge in 2015. The Surge comes with GPS tracking capabilities for a more accurate fitness picture. If your 2105 resolution is to get into better shape, FitBit trackers are worth a closer look — and here’s a detailed look of the newest trackers to hit the FitBit lineup. The FitBit Surge Where other FitBit products come in the shape and size ofRead More

An Old Wolf Face Pops Up In Oregon

Gray wolf laying down.

Some time ago, we wrote about a wolf here on the RMT blog that was nicknamed “OR-7.” OR-7 was tracked using a tracking device that researchers attached to the wolf. Now, OR-7 has popped up once again, but this time he comes with his own pack. OR-7 has been spotted in Oregon along with his mate and their pups. A Famous Wolf When wildlife researchers started to track OR-7 back in 2011, the wolf became something of a celebrity overnight. OR-7 left his home in northeastern Oregon to find a mate, and this meant leaving his beloved home pack. WolvesRead More

The Silver Cloud Tracker

Silver Cloud Personal Tracker

Rocky Mountain Tracking’s ‘Silver Cloud Tracker’ is one of the smallest GPS tracking devices in the world. This device can track in real time, is incredibly accurate, and can be placed on any vehicle for instant information. If you’re looking for a real-time tracking device that does it all — read on! Silver Cloud Tracker Features Some of the features of the Silver Cloud Tracker include: Accuracy up to 2.5m Location history that is unlimited Online GPS tracking software that is completely user-friendly, and is accessible from any iOS device. A battery that lasts for 6 hours on one charge,Read More

GPS May Be Coming to Aussie Sports Soon

Rugby team scoring points.

Various NFL teams already use GPS tracking devices on the field to track player movements, and now the National Rugby League and the Australian Football League are considering putting GPS trackers in balls. Both leagues are hoping that with the data from the GPS trackers, teams can improve their gameplay. How GPS Will Change the Game The small trackers that the NRL and AFL are considering would be placed directly inside of balls for each respective sport. Since the trackers can keep tabs on things like speed and how long a player holds onto a ball, the GPS devices canRead More

Can You Really Get That Stolen Device Back?

Restaurant billboard for Robber's Roost.

A recent story on CTV News has a lot of people thinking today. The story details a robbery that took place early New Year’s Day in Winnipeg, Canada. Robbers broke into a home, stole laptops, gaming consoles, and phones, and proceeded to take the items to a different location. When the owners of the stolen items woke up to find that things were missing from their apartment, they immediately activated the GPS devices that were embedded inside of the stolen goods. What happened next might surprise you. A Helpless Situation After tracking the stolen devices to a specific address, theRead More

The Car that Knows If You’re Sleeping

Person asleep behind the wheel of a car.

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, we’ve all experienced drowsiness at the wheel. Driving while tired isn’t a good idea, but it’s not always something that can be avoided. A new Mercedes concept car has your back if you start to doze off at the wheel. This car will take over if you become sleepy and it can get you through some other crazy driving conditions. A Mercedes/LG Partnership To create the new car, Mercedes teamed up with LG. Using LG’s ‘Advanced Driving Assistance Program’, the car can determine when a driver is starting to drift off. TheRead More