The Importance of Securing Your Assets

One of our customers in California recently had his classic car stolen. The car is a restored-high-performance 1964 Impala with super-nice custom paint. He had installed a $150 Smart TrackerTM in the car in case it was stolen. Rocky Mountain Smart Trackers can be installed on a vehicle or trailer and activated at a later date. He had also installed the Smart TrackerTM himself with a simple 2 wire installation. When our customer found his car was missing he went online to the Rocky Mountain Tracking website ( and activated the tracker. Once activated he called police with the locationRead More

High-Tech Motorcycle Helmet with GPS Designed

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Distracted driver laws throughout the country are designed to keep people safe while traveling, and car manufacturers have addressed this with numerous forms of technology. Most cars today are designed with in-dash so-called “infotainment” systems–your center of information like navigation instructions (thanks to GPS tracking devices), satellite radio, and more. Others connect your phone to the car, allowing you to place calls and send texts with simple voice commands. But what about motorcycle riders? How can they take advantage of GPS trackers for maps and other information? There isn’t exactly an easy way to do voice commands with all ofRead More

The Top 3 High End Luxury Cars

Black Mercedes Benz S Class

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, we’ve all dreamed a dream similar to those holiday luxury car commercials at one point or another. You know, like the Lexus wrapped up with the big red bow in the yard Christmas morning, or unwrapping the key to your brand new Lamborghini that is waiting in the garage. Unfortunately, you don’t exactly have a Lambo budget (and neither does anyone you know, for that matter). You’ll be happy with your GPS tracking device for the Camry you’re driving this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream a little!  Don’t beRead More