Bill Banning Stalking Apps: The Debate Heats Up

GPS Trackers & Stalking

Did you hear about the bill introduced by Senator Al Franken in March? It is a bill that would effectively ban “stalking apps,” or apps that would hand over GPS location data of victims’ phones to predators and other people with less-than-good intentions. It isn’t the first time he has proposed the idea – he did the same prior to the 2012 election. It was never even introduced to the Senate thanks to special interest groups. He revised it just a bit, and it has found its way to the Senate floor. Franken wants to ban apps that track yourRead More

Arnhem Land, Australia: Combatting Massive Feral Cats With GPS


There is no question that feral cats are a real problem in neighborhoods across America. Millions of cats roaming the streets with no place to call home, scavenging for food in dumpsters and trash cans, getting in fights with house cats who sneak out for the night, spreading disease and fleas, and killing small animals that catch their eye. Animal shelters are overcrowded with these unfortunate cats, hoping to find homes for them all. It’s so bad in some places, shelters will refuse to take in strays as they have no where to put them. In northern Australia, in theRead More

Sternberg, Kansas: Summer Camp for Future Scientists


Kids across the country are anxiously awaiting the moment they’ve looked forward to since September: the last day of school. While some kids will spend their days watching television and others seek to find ways to cool off, there are some kids who will spend a couple of weeks at a unique sort of summer camp in Sternberg, KS. This camp experience melds fun and education in the perfect way with hands-on activities unlike that of traditional summer camp. Move over, arts and crafts and archery – this camp is all about science. Fort Hays State University’s Sternberg Museum ofRead More

Texas: Turkey Study Underway Thanks To GPS


Each and every turkey season, be it spring or fall, my husband wakes before dawn, dons his camo duds, packs up the turkey call and decoy designed to lure toms searching for a mate, and hits the trails with his rifle to try his luck at landing one for himself. After about five years of this, he has yet to bring home the bird destined to be an ingredient in my turkey chili and stew. Whether it’s just his luck or a lack of turkeys in general that is causing him to return empty-handed time after time, we don’t know.Read More

Malaysia To Introduce GPS License Plates

Malaysia’s Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) Minister Datuk Dr Ewon Ebin has announced that citizens can expect vehicle license plates complete with built-in GPS device as an option for motorists in the near future. They will be available through the Road Transport Department (JPJ) following the official launch, which has not been scheduled as of yet. These plates, 370 in all, will all begin with “1MCY” to designate their GPS tracking capabilities. Officials in Malaysia decided to give them a go to in order to promote MOSTI’s Commercialization Year (MCY) 2014, citing their ability to improve the safety of theRead More

GPS Tracking Bullets: The Great Debate

Some time ago, we featured a post detailing a new technology being employed by some police forces across the country, the GPS tracking bullet. If you didn’t catch that one, here’s the scoop. It’s essentially a mini-cannon mounted on the front of a police car. When the officer is involved in a high speed chase, they simply fire the cannon which ejects a bullet consisting of a “sticky” GPS device that can track the location of the vehicle no matter what happens. There are police departments in St. Petersburg, Florida, Iowa, and Ohio are testing the device out, called theRead More

GPS to Light Up The Room

There aren’t many people that are a fan of interior lights of any form. You just can’t beat natural light, no matter if you are using bright white, energy-efficient bulbs, or even full-spectrum bulbs. This is why many people are drawn to installing skylights or solar tubes in their homes and businesses. They do an great job when the sun is right there above the skylight, but when the sun moves across the sky, the amount of light that comes through is diminished significantly. During the winter, the sun sits lower in the sky, and it’s even harder to getRead More

Students Safer In South Bend, Indiana Thanks To GPS

Parents know the problems with school buses all too well. There are the days when the student misses the bus, scrambling to the bus stop only to watch the taillights disappear down the street. Then there are the days the bus itself is late. During cold winters or in the middle of a downpour, this is less than ideal. Very rarely, you’ll hear about a bus on the nightly news that didn’t arrive on time, hours late. Many school districts are learning that the best way to ensure the students’ safety, and the sanity of parents and transportation officials, isRead More

GPS Tracker Ruled Unconstitutional

How familiar are you with the United States Constitution? According to a recent United States Court of Appeals case, police handling a string of pharmacy burglaries overstepped the suspect’s constitutional rights when they relied on a GPS tracking device to follow his movements. As the Constitution states, every citizen is to be guarded against unreasonable searches and seizures, and any warrant drawn up that could violate this right must find probable cause to do so. The problem here is that evolving technology is blurring the lines of the term “search.” According to the court’s ruling in the case of UnitedRead More

San Angelo, Texas Upgrade City GPS

The city of San Angelo, Texas is getting ready to do some upgrades. The city’s Survey, Water and GIS departments are making improvements in their GPS devices, after meeting with the City Council. What did the council approve? The city will be adding a Leica Geosystems GPS base station to the top of their city hall. They did have a unit that functioned in a similar manner before the upgrade, a Trimble unit, but it was highly limited. It worked by transmitting a radio frequency, and that only reaches as far as a four to five mile radius. This newRead More