GPS Mapping for Forest Dwellers

Of all the demographics you could think of, “forest dwellers” might be the last one you would expect to benefit from GPS technology. In India, tribal groups that have spent centuries living in the woods are having one of the same main problems they’ve always had: multiple groups claiming the same land. The Indian government would like to put these arguments to rest and concentrate on other business. But it is extremely difficult to sort out land claims among primitive groups, especially in remote areas where mapping of any kind is relatively new. GPS mapping may have the answer, usingRead More

Delays for Air Traffic GPS Plan

The Federal Aviation Administration has a revolutionary plan in the works, one which promises to reduce airline delays by over 40 percent. Even better, it would increase safety in the skies, conserve fuel, and lower emissions by aircraft. At the center of the plan is—you guessed it—GPS! A Long Time Coming If you are a GPS enthusiast, you already know how many benefits the system holds for the airline industry if it were to be fully embraced. The FAA’s GPS program intends to do just that, replacing the outdated, sluggish, and relatively inaccurate radar. While the average airline passenger mayRead More

The Capabilities of an Asian GPS

Although Asian countries have launched numerous types of satellites into space, India has launched its first navigational satellite. This satellite is the first of many building blocks for constructing a powerful GPS network. With this navigational satellite, India will be more capable in war, navigation, and precise timing. First of all, India will be more capable in war. With this new technology at its fingertips, India will not have to rely on other countries’ navigational systems for help if war was to ever break out. Instead, this Asian GPS provides the option of improving communication and location placements from various placesRead More

Taking the Joy Out of Joy Riding

There are many reasons criminals might give for committing crimes. Crimes of passion, crimes of retaliation, and crimes of opportunity are just a few examples. More specifically, a car might be stolen for the purpose of making a quick buck from a chop shop, for getting around long term, or for a joy ride. A man in Kearney, Nebraska, recently found his own joy ride cut short, thanks to a GPS tracking device in the vehicle he stole.   The man accused of stealing a semi and dump trailer from Blessing Construction was apparently not originally looking for a joyRead More

South Australia Considers Use of Tracking Devices to Keep Tabs on Sex Offenders

In July 2013, two bills urging a tightening of restrictions on alleged child sex offenders were making their way through South Australia’s Parliament, one of which urged the use of GPS tracking devices to facilitate children’s safety. The Correctional Services (GPS Tracking for Child Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill was originally introduced by Member of Parliament Ann Bressington in 2012 and would allow the Chief Executive Officer to require convicted child sex offenders to “wear or carry an electronic tracking device.” The wearer would also be required to “comply with any directions of the Chief Executive Officer . . . relating to theRead More

Russian Rocket Carrying Tracking Satellites Crashes

Less than 30 seconds after liftoff, an unmanned Russian rocket burst into flames, fell back to earth, and exploded in July 2013. Launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, the rocket was carrying three satellites that were meant to work as part of a tracking system similar to the GPS system in use in the United States. The Russian space agency Roskosmos released the following statement: “An accident occurred at the launch of Proton-M rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on July 2. The rocket crashed into the territory of the cosmodrome and exploded.” Video footage of the launch shows theRead More

Court Rules Employers May Not Use GPS to Track Employees Outside Work Hours

In a unanimous decision in late June, the New York State Court of Appeals ruled against the New York State Department of Labor (NYDOL) for planting a GPS tracking device on an employee’s car without his knowledge. In 2008, NYSDOL suspected that one of their employees, Michael Cunningham, was being dishonest when filling out his time sheets—claiming to be working when he was actually elsewhere. At the request of NYSDOL, the State Investigator General’s Office planted a GPS tracking device on Cunningham’s personal vehicle for the purpose of obtaining information on his movements. The device tracked everywhere the vehicle wentRead More

Rickshaw Accountability with GPS

GPS fleet tracking is big business now in the United States, both in the commercial and in the public transportation fields. School buses, city buses, taxi cabs, and trains are all likely to be fitted with GPS fleet tracking devices, increasing reliability and giving accountability to operators. But in New Delhi, India, tracking devices are showing up on public transportation vehicles that you aren’t likely to see on your city’s streets any time soon: autorickshaws. A Modern Twist Becomes Even More Modern Indian passengers have been riding in rickshaws for centuries. But today, many rickshaws are motorized instead of beingRead More

The NFL Goes GPS

Soccer and rugby teams have been using GPS in training for some time now, but recently the NFL has gotten in on the act. In Buffalo, NY, the Bills have been one of the most enthusiastic teams when it comes to embracing technology. After about a year, the team’s coaches, managers, and players all give the GPS technology training system high grades. Precise Measurements A coach who is trying to keep an eye on the training of an entire team of players can’t possibly keep straight in his head the individual progress, distance, time, energy expense, and other factors ofRead More

GPS Capabilities of iPad Exceed Expectations

In an astounding display of GPS tracking capabilities, police uncovered $25,000 worth of stolen merchandise. The story began when a woman reported her stolen property, which happened to include an iPad, to the police. By activating the GPS tracking capabilities on the woman’s stolen iPad, the police were able to trace it to the home of George Gary in Austin, Texas. After the police set up surveillance, they observed a man arriving at the house; he left holding an iPad. When Richard Harrington (Mr. Gary’s recently departed guest) ran a stop sign, the police had a reason to stop him.Read More