New Tesla Roadster Update Coming

Red Tesla Roadster

It’s been one heck of a year for Tesla owner Elon Musk. Back in June, Musk promised the masses that the Tesla Roadster (the first road-ready Tesla vehicle) would come with an important update. Musk has just announced that the updated mentioned is now ready to be revealed, and the inventor cited “crisis issues” as the reason for the setback. The New Tesla Roadster When the Roadster was first announced this past summer, many dismissed the car entirely. Some even said that the Tesla Roadster is for “techno-geeks,” a term that Musk addressed directly in a recent press conference. MuskRead More

This $2.7 Million Ferrari is Sold Out

Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari made 32 FXX K models. All 32 of those cars has been sold – each at $2.7 million. Who can afford such luxuries? The FXX K was debuted in Abu Dhabi where it was snatched up quickly by budding billionaires. The FXX K brings back a classic shape and design, and it boasts 1035-hp under the hood. Not only is the FXX K the most expensive Ferrari ever sold, it’s also the most powerful. About the FXX K While you’re too late to buy one, you can still oogle over the details, right? The ‘K’ in FXX K standsRead More

Permits for Driverless Cars Are Here

Google Driverless Car

The state of California is allowing Google, Audi, and Mercedes Benz to test self-driving cars on certain roads in the state. At the beginning of September, the state issued 29 permits for self-driving cars, noting that the cars seems safe enough to test on the road. Right now, many other car makers are working on getting permits to test similar cars, though Audi was the first to do so. What does this mean for the future of driving? The Self-Driving Future The automobile industry has come such a long way. With the dawn of things like vehicle tracking devices, carsRead More

GM Has a New Self-Driving Cadillac

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

General Motors Company is working on a new self-driving Cadillac that will debut in 2017 (if all goes according to plan, that is). The new Cadillac will include many self-driving components, but it will not be entirely void of human control. GM has told press that the car will still require some human interaction. Super Cruise Technology GM’s is developing something called “Super Cruise” technology, which lets drivers go hands-free while in a long traffic line, or while on a very long drive. Presumably, drivers can remove their hands from the wheel during these times, and the car will simplyRead More

Smart Tracker

RMT Smart Tracker

If you’re in the market for a vehicle tracking solution, but you don’t need something that tracks the vehicle’s whereabouts 24-7 (yet, you want to be able to see where that vehicle is at any given point in time), look no further than the Smart Tracker. This vehicle tracking device will give you instant access to a vehicle’s location whenever you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and only when you need it. The Smart Tracker’s main purpose is to recover stolen property, but there are other applications that are suitable for this trackerRead More

GPS Study Shows Drivers Obey Speed For With Cash Incentives

speed limit 70 sign

A recent study was conducted by traffic safety researchers in an attempt to find a way to incentivize drivers to obey the posted speed limits. The study was partially funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and implemented GPS tracking devices in order to gather accurate speed data. Eight vehicles were monitored with GPS tracking devices, with a total of 50 participants driving one of these vehicles for four weeks. At the end of each week, if the drivers avoided going five miles above the speed limit, they were rewarded $25. However, each time the drivers exceeded theRead More

GPS Distance Measuring Makes Insurance Discounts More Accurate

If you own a house in North Carolina, the cost of your homeowners’ insurance premium is affected by the proximity and quality of the nearest fire station. Houses within six driving miles of a station receive a discount on their insurance, and that discount increases if the station is particularly well equipped and staffed. In the past, insurance companies relied on brokers to provide information about each structure’s distance from the closest fire station, but they are now turning to GPS distance measuring to get more accurate information. North Carolina’s insurance providers use a scale from 1 (best) to 10Read More

GPS Technology Serves As Smartphone Theft Insurance

gps for car

Thieves love smartphones as much as you do, but for different reasons. Smartphones are cool. They’re small. They’re expensive and easy to steal. A good smartphone can be a costly investment, and you probably want to keep yours in your own pocket until you buy a new one. But that’s exactly what thieves don’t want. They want your smartphone because it’s easy to steal and easy to sell. Stealing a phone at a coffee shop, a baseball game, or at a park is relatively easy, and thieves know it. That’s why they love smartphones, but that’s all changing. GPS Technology:Read More

Florida Dealership Tracks Car Buyers and Forces Life Insurance Purchase

A used car dealership in Florida may have crossed the line by tracking customers who have bought vehicles from them. In Jacksonville, Florida, the anger of a number of dissatisfied car buyers has prompted the Florida Attorney General’s office to launch a lawsuit against a local used car dealer. Customers of Beach Boulevard Automotive claim that, among other underhanded business practices, the dealership installed GPS devices on the cars they bought without their knowledge. By continuing to monitor the location of sold cars, the dealership made it easier for itself to repossess cars in the event that payments were notRead More

GPS Tracking and Lower Insurance Rates: Friend or Fraud?

You may have heard that having a GPS tracking device in your car can help lower your insurance rates, but it is not as simple as just having the location system in place. Since GPS units can track speeding, hard braking, heavy accelerating, and driving frequency, insurance companies can determine exactly how safe they think you are when it comes to driving and then set your rates accordingly. For example, if you live in a suburban neighborhood but work in the heart of the city, your time spent in rush-hour traffic could be a deterring factor in the eyes ofRead More