Relocating Your Stolen Assets

I’d like to applaud a site I came across recently: . They catalog and promote information to help find stolen cars, trailers and all kinds of personal property. The good news is that there a people who recover cars and trailers and post that information. The bad news is that I see a campers, cars and motorbikes that are missing for an extended amount of time and are in rough shape if and when the property comes back. Rocky Mountain Tracking Smart Trackers are inexpensive and far less than the $400 and $500 rewards I’m seeing on the site. If youRead More

Why Driverless Cars are Being Debated

Are driverless cars really safe even if they come with gps trackers and other equipment? Call us today for a gps tracker for your own car!

When manufacturers and Internet companies started to create driverless cars one of the reasons for creating these cars was that they are safer. It was largely assumed that driverless cars were on the safer side because humans can make mistakes, but machines are less likely to make those same mistakes. However, this may not be the case. Instead, driverless cars may be just as dangerous (or more) than cars controlled by humans. GPS Trackers Make Things Safer A lot of autonomous cars on the current market use GPS trackers to make sure that routes are followed and that cars remainRead More

A New Tesla Roadster Is Coming

The new Tesla Roadster is comparable to a Ferrari, and you’ll want to protect your purchase with the help of a GPS tracker from Rocky Mountain Tracking. Call us!

The first car that Tesla put out back in 2006 was a roadster. The company has since decided to upgrade the Tesla Roadster, and the newest version will be available in 2019. So far, Elon Musk is calling this new Tesla “ludicrous” – here’s why. One Speed Above the Rest The original Tesla Roadster was created with the help of the car company Lotus, and was built both in-shop and out. The newest Roadster is being completed completely in-house, and Elon Musk is stating that this version is even one notch above being able to run at ludicrous speeds. WhatRead More

Will Cars Soon Detect Potholes?

Use a GPS tracking device to protect your vehicle, and take a look at this article to see what’s happening in pothole technology.

If you live in a cold climate, you have experienced more than a few potholes post-winter. The harsh winter weather causes pavement to buckle and crack, and this leads to roads that are riddled with potholes when the warmer weather comes around. This causes a lot of problems for drivers, since big potholes can cause some serious damage. Additionally, most drivers will swerve or slow down unexpectedly in order to avoid potholes. This can be a serious driving hazard, and it’s something that the Land Rover/Jaguar company plans to fix. A New Kind of Car Technology Land Rover/Jaguar is currentlyRead More

Tesla’s New All-Wheel Drive Option

Tesla’s New All-Wheel Drive Option

In order to appeal to a Northeast luxury market, Tesla has recently introduced an all-wheel drive car. The famed electric car manufacturer will sell the new 70-D Tesla Model S all-wheel drive version for $75,000 in most markets. The move has shocked some car enthusiasts, but it make sense when you consider all of the angles. Why the Northeast Matters Most of the luxury cars sold in the US are sold in the Northeast (New York, in particular). But those luxury models that are sold in this part of the US must be equipped to handle the particularly harsh wintersRead More

GPS Trackers Qualify as Search and Seizure

GPS Trackers Qualify as Search and Seizure

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that when police put a GPS tracker on you or your vehicle, it’s considered (under the law) a form of search. As such, it falls under the same Fourth Amendment rights as any other type of search. This is a big step forward for the court, since laws surrounding electronic devices like GPS trackers have not yet been entirely established. What This Ruling Means Right now, the lower courts in the U.S. will have to decide whether or not placing a GPS tracker on a person is considered a measure of reasonable search. ThisRead More

How to Cut Back on Employee Theft

How to Cut Back on Employee Theft

No employer wants to think that the people they’ve carefully hand-selected to work in their office or store is capable of theft. Sadly, that’s not the case. Studies show that nearly 1 out of every 40 employees were caught stealing by an employer in 2012. Theft comes in all different forms depending on the job ranging from stealing clients to stealing money or goods. Either way, theft is theft, and it’s up to you, the employer, to stop any theft currently happening in your business. But how do you do that? How do you prevent or stop theft? Is thereRead More

The E-Bike to Shame All Other E-Bikes

Vanmoof Electric Bike - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Electric bikes–no, not scooters–really haven’t been all that appealing. Consumers find them to be a bit hideous, truth be told. Not only do they sport a hefty price tag, they are usually visually unappealing, way too heavy to be practical, and often need to spend too much time in the repair shop (as with many new technologies). Enter the Vanmoof 10 Electrified, an e-bike created in the Netherlands, where they know their bikes! Not only is it affordable (compare its price tag of $2,998 to that of another model, the Stealth Bomber, at $11,000), it isn’t ridiculously heavy (weighs inRead More

Mumbai Gets GPS Trackers in Taxis

Taxis in Mumbai.

Mumbai taxi cabs are about to be equipped with GPS trackers, according to state transport minister Diwakar Raote. Citing recent safety concerns, all black and yellow taxis in Mumbai will soon have GPS tracking devices installed on board. The new trackers will provide women with more security when taking a taxi anywhere in the city. Over the past few months, there have been numerous cases of violence in taxi cabs throughout India, and government officials hope that the new trackers will help to curb some of this behavior. But, the government in Mumbai isn’t stopping at taxis either. According toRead More

High-Tech Motorcycle Helmet with GPS Designed

Livemap - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Distracted driver laws throughout the country are designed to keep people safe while traveling, and car manufacturers have addressed this with numerous forms of technology. Most cars today are designed with in-dash so-called “infotainment” systems–your center of information like navigation instructions (thanks to GPS tracking devices), satellite radio, and more. Others connect your phone to the car, allowing you to place calls and send texts with simple voice commands. But what about motorcycle riders? How can they take advantage of GPS trackers for maps and other information? There isn’t exactly an easy way to do voice commands with all ofRead More