The Mercedes Future Truck 2025

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Mercedes announced back in October of last year that the company was working on a self-driving semi truck. In case you missed it, this truck looks almost like a regular truck, only it has LEDs, cameras instead of mirrors, and it drives itself. The truck will also include some other fun details, and Mercedes has been hard at work actually developing this concept truck to be road ready by 2025. The Mercedes Concept Truck If Mercedes succeeds at creating this truck, it will revolutionize the trucking industry. The trucks will be equipped with something Mercedes is calling ‘Highway Pilot,’ whichRead More

The Downside to Self-Driving Cars

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The thought of a car that doesn’t require a driver is kind of a neat one (especially if you are a science fiction fan!), but there might be a downside to the new cars. A recently published article in The Guardian points to the fact that the mere technology for self-driving cars is enough to put a lot of people out of work. Here’s a further explanation. What Next? Driving is a difficult process that requires all of our concentration, motor skills, and reflexes. Most of us have to be completely concentrated on the road in order to drive safely.Read More

Is Employee Monitoring with GPS Technology Legal?

GPS tracking and navigation devices have become a part of everyday life in the U.S. and many other parts of the developed world. We have GPS on our phones and in our cars as little helpful tools that get us where we need to go, or even keep our loved ones safe. However, the very feature that makes this technology so helpful is also what makes it so potentially creepy. It is quite unnerving to think that someone might be tracking your every movement, especially without your consent. We’ve reported on big, landmark cases that called into question under whatRead More

Union and University Debate GPS Employee Monitoring

Just a few decades ago, no one even thought of asking the question, “Is it legal for an employer to watch exactly what all his employees are doing the entire time they’re on the clock?” At that time, we knew that many employees—especially some of those who used company vehicles to travel to different work sites—conducted non-work activities while clocked in. But there was literally no way to check up on those employees, aside from physically following them around all day. GPS employee monitoring, of course, is now common practice, and the debate over it at the University of BritishRead More

Jersey City Mayor Announced GPS Tracking For City Vehicles

We’ve reported a number of different ways GPS tracking is used to save employers money. Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise that government agencies would want the same benefits. The mayor of Jersey City recently announced that city vehicles will soon be tracked with GPS technology in order to reduce fuel costs and eliminate personal use of vehicles by employees.   “With this program we are creating mechanisms for accountability,” said Mayor Steve Fulop in a statement. “Any employee who takes a city vehicle outside of city bounds or uses it for a purpose other than city business, we willRead More

Freedom from GPS Fleet Tracking

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The introduction or discussion of GPS fleet tracking has been met with varying responses from employers and employees. As specific industries and government-funded departments have decided to implement this new technology, opinions ranging from causes to freedoms to taxpayers’ money continue to abound—and to clash. Some people, simply by personality, negatively react to the idea of accountability and control inherent within the establishment of GPS fleet tracking; however, the new technology seems to be spreading and attracting more supporters. Could a shift in thinking possibly help those in opposition see such changes as bringing more freedom instead of less?  Read More

Is It Legal To Monitor Employees With GPS Tracking Devices?

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Here at RMT, we’ve reported many stories about employers using GPS tracking technology. Some use the tracking devices to make sure their services are delivered as efficiently as possible. Other employers use the technology to ensure their employees are accurately reporting their working hours. In general, it is legal for employers to track company-owned vehicles. However, due to the privacy concerns introduced by GPS tracking and the newness of the technology, it is important that employers seek legal counsel before implementing GPS tracking policies.   Privacy laws vary from state to state. It is essential to contact a local legalRead More

Emphasizing the Positive Side of GPS Monitoring

JEA, the electric and water company that serves the city of Jacksonville, Florida, has joined the ranks of companies that now use GPS monitoring to keep constant eyes on its equipment. Like similar businesses and local government agencies all over the country, JEA has decided that the many benefits provided by monitoring are worth the expense of fitting multiple vehicles and expensive pieces of equipment with devices.   If you read about this new development within JEA, you will notice that all of the advantages listed are very positive. For example, the primary emphasis is on the safety of employees,Read More

GPS Tracking Of Louisiana State Employees Catches Some Cheating On Payroll

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One of the many great applications of GPS tracking device, is the ability of employers to monitor employees on the road. Of course, you want to trust that your employees are honestly reporting when they arrive and leave work, but too many stories like this are cropping up around the country not to take precautions. For more than a year, Louisiana State Alcohol and Tobacco Department employees have been monitored with GPS tracking devices. After reviewing the tracking data, consequences were given to agents whose GPS data didn’t match their reported work log. So far, one employee has resigned asRead More

Busted…by GPS

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You’ve probably read a lot of articles recently about companies, fleets, and local governments adopting GPS monitors to keep track of what their employees are doing on the job. These have held promise to be particularly useful in fields where employees spend much of the day driving around, not confined to an office. In the past, supervisors had little opportunity to check up on these employees during the day to make sure they were actually doing what they said they were doing. Along came GPS, and relieved employers everywhere anticipated the accountability they had long desired. So, how is itRead More