This $2.7 Million Ferrari is Sold Out

Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari made 32 FXX K models. All 32 of those cars has been sold – each at $2.7 million. Who can afford such luxuries? The FXX K was debuted in Abu Dhabi where it was snatched up quickly by budding billionaires. The FXX K brings back a classic shape and design, and it boasts 1035-hp under the hood. Not only is the FXX K the most expensive Ferrari ever sold, it’s also the most powerful. About the FXX K While you’re too late to buy one, you can still oogle over the details, right? The ‘K’ in FXX K standsRead More

Best Black Friday New Car Deals

Ford Interior car steering wheel

While you may have your heart set on a new iPad this Black Friday, car manufacturers are getting in on the Black Friday action too, though most people don’t think about buying a new car as part of a Black Friday deal. New cars are a much bigger purchase than an iPad, that’s for sure, but you may be able to get a great deal on a new car if you act during the Black Friday frenzy. Plus many of these deals last through December. Rocky Mountain Tracking has gathered up some of the top Black Friday new car deals,Read More