Audi’s New TLRT Tech

Black Audi R8 car

Audi has developed Traffic Light Reading Technology (TLRT) that does exactly what you might have gathered – it reads traffic lights. Why would you want TLRT and what can it actually do for you? Here’s a closer look at why Audi is going to charge thousands for TLRT, and why you may actually want to pay that price. What TLRT Does Most drivers can see red, yellow, or green lights well in advance, but some drivers are tempted to zoom through yellows and hedge reds all the same. What Audi’s technology does is provide drivers with detailed information about thoseRead More

Sliver Cloud Personal Tracker

Silver Cloud Personal Tracker

Our Smart Tracker Plus GPS tracking system is accurate, dependable, and affordable. We also offer this GPS tracking device without any monthly fees. The Smart Tracker Plus is idea for vehicles, trailers, havy equipment, and generators – if you are looking for a way to make sure your valuables are safe at all times, the Smart Tracker Plus is one device you should consider. Features This small device (it measures 4.25” x 3.1” x 1.5” in size) can give you quick asset updates at any time of the day or night. As for battery life, its lithium-ion rechargeable battery willRead More

GPS Tracking In the Shadow of the Volcano

A volcano.

Volcanic eruptions are the stuff of stories and legends. They’re frightening, but at the same time, fascinating. Because of a volcano’s power to destroy, scientists spend a great deal of effort studying volcanic activity in order to make better predictions about when they will erupt and how far-reaching the effects will be. One recent 2010 eruption in Iceland was powerful enough to require grounding planes across much of northern Europe. As scientists learn more about the patterns of volcanic activity, they’ve also discovered a new tool that may provide even more detailed information to help with future predictions. It’s calledRead More

Students Safer In South Bend, Indiana Thanks To GPS

Parents know the problems with school buses all too well. There are the days when the student misses the bus, scrambling to the bus stop only to watch the taillights disappear down the street. Then there are the days the bus itself is late. During cold winters or in the middle of a downpour, this is less than ideal. Very rarely, you’ll hear about a bus on the nightly news that didn’t arrive on time, hours late. Many school districts are learning that the best way to ensure the students’ safety, and the sanity of parents and transportation officials, isRead More

Safe in Plain Sight

Police in Arizona were able to use a GPS tracking technology fitted camera to track and arrest a suspected burglar in January after a house was broken into and robbed. The house was broken into despite several burglar alarm signs on the premises and the burglar made off with about $10,000 worth of electronics and jewelry. Fortunately for the homeowner, he had the forethought to plant several GPS tracking devices among his personal belongings that allowed the police to find the suspect with very little problem within about 24 hours. For all that was missing, only some jewelry was notRead More

GPS Celebrates 25 Years In Space

This month marks the 25th anniversary of when the first GPS satellite was launched into space at Cape Canaveral. The exact date of that first launch was February 14, 1989, marking the first steps in building a system with capabilities that were incomprehensible at the time. The Global Positioning System is made up of a minimum of 24 satellites orbiting Earth’s atmosphere. Each satellite travels one of six orbital paths 20,000 kilometers (12.4 miles) above us. This way, at any point on the earth’s surface, enough satellites are within range in order to triangulate a location. Interestingly enough, the veryRead More

Busting Poachers With Their Own GPS

The “law of unintended consequences” is one that experienced professionals in all fields have learned to respect. It is very simple but very easily ignored by beginners, leading to inconvenience (at best) or disaster (at worst). Perhaps nowhere is the law of unintended consequences better illustrated than in the sea between India and the island nation of Sri Lanka. There, fishermen using GPS navigation to find the best catch have found themselves convicted of trespassing by their own devices’ data. Turf Arguments at Sea Disagreement over national borders on the oceans is extremely complex. There are no landmarks like riversRead More

Geocaching Is the New Hiking

In a simpler time, families spent quality time together outdoors. Parks around the country cleared hiking trails, routes into the depths of the forests and to the summits of mountains. During summer vacations and on weekends, you could find thousands of families walking these trails, talking to one another and marveling at the beauty of nature. Today, however, these trails are largely silent, and any families you see walking them are likely to contain at least one member who is glued to the screen of a phone or other device. How can we get our kids (and their parents!) backRead More

GPS Tracking Proves Justin Bieber Was Not Drag Racing

Here at the RMT blog, we’ve reported dozens of stories of ways that GPS technology is used to aid in police investigations. GPS tracking can be used to find a lost or stolen valuable. It can be used to catch an employee stealing time and gas. It can be used to track convicted criminals at risk for repeat offenses. Sometimes, the technology can even be used to vindicate the falsely accused. According to TMZ, new GPS tracking records might provide evidence that Justin Bieber was not drag racing proceeding his high-profile arrest. Ever since Justin Bieber’s first hit, “Baby” hitRead More

GPS Technology Used for Early Warning Weather Forecasting

We’ve previously written about how GPS technology is used for early warning systems for earthquakes and tsunamis. GPS stations on the ground detect slight changes and movements on the earth’s crust. By monitoring the existing extensive network of GPS stations, researchers can know an earthquake is coming before the violent shaking begins. Tsunamis, which are caused by earthquakes, can also be predicted with GPS tracking systems on the ground. We are all too familiar with the devastation these natural disasters can cause, so the earlier the warning, the more lives can be saved. Scientists have now discovered a way toRead More