Elephant Poaching Drops 65% in Newly Protected Parts of Kenya

Wildlife poaching is a massive and very serious global issue. We’ve discussed different ways GPS technology is used to help combat these devastatingly destructive menaces. Using funds from charity, a new effort using man-power combined with GPS tracking and other technology, is making a pretty big difference in parts of East Africa. The UK-based publication, The Independent, successfully ran a campaign to raise money and man-power for the protection of endangered wildlife in Kenya. Elephants are a primary target for poachers in Africa. For one thing, their size makes them fairly easy to find. But the true reason is theirRead More

Indiana: On Board With School Bus GPS Tracking

A tornado warning a couple of years ago was all the inspiration the superintendent of Switzerland County schools needed to suggest the perfect solution to keep both drivers and students safe: GPS devices installed on all of the county’s buses. The Switzerland County School Board approved the idea, the installation of GPS technology in all buses, no matter if they are county-owned or contracted. The Devices There was an expert on hand to describe not only how the GPS devices will function, but how they will benefit both school district and bus company. The buses will have a simple GPSRead More

Mumbai Officials Address Water Theft With GPS Tracking

Getting water in America is easy. Simply walk into the kitchen, turn on the tap, and instantly receive a stream of pure, clean, drinkable water. In many parts of the world, it’s not that simple. Safe drinking water is a valuable commodity in places like Mumbai, India. Many communities do not have continuous supplies of water, and government intervention has been necessary to help improve access, especially in rural areas. In some places, water tankers line up at water filling stations, ready to carry water to remote areas. But not all of that water is being handled legitimately. “Tanker mafias”Read More

FAA Uses GPS Tracking-Based System to Increase Efficiency

Do you hate sitting in an airport terminal waiting for your flight, only to discover that a delay will cause you to miss your next connection? How about those inevitable delays when you’re waiting to pick up a friend or family member? Thanks to a new GPS tracking-based system developed by Exelis, those kinds of issues won’t happen nearly as often. The FAA is already in the process of installing the ground infrastructure needed to support the new system, and hopes to be operational in the near future. Satellite-Based Surveillance The FAA has been working with Exelis to develop aRead More

Texas County Equips Vehicles with GPS Devices

If asked to identify the largest canyon in the United States, few American school children would have difficulty doing so—the answer is obviously the Grand Canyon, located in Arizona. Ask them to name the second largest canyon in the US, however, and most school children (and adults) would be at a loss. But the residents of Randall County, Texas, just south of Amarillo, would know the answer. Why? Because Randall County encompasses the town of Canyon (the county seat) as well as the Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Palo Duro Canyon State Park, location of the United States’ secondRead More

Knowing the Law

The recent firestorm regarding how invasive the government is becoming in the private lives of citizens has produced a cause for alarm in many people. One aspect of this concern is the use of GPS tracking and other GPS devices by law enforcement agencies. This is a highly controversial topic that has led to Supreme Court rulings and interpretations of how and when the law can resort to using GPS tracking for protection and evidential purposes. The Fourth Amendment The Constitutional heart of this matter is the Fourth Amendment, which is a citizen’s right against “unreasonable searches and seizures” fromRead More

GPS Tracking Helps Apprehend Armed Robbery Suspects

Staring down the barrel of a gun isn’t the way anyone wants to start the day. But for a 27-year old student at the University of Delaware in Newark, that’s exactly what happened early one Monday morning. While sitting outside his apartment, the student was accosted by two men demanding that he hand over his belongings. When he protested that he had nothing with him, the two men entered his apartment, took his cell phone and a purse that belonged to a friend who was inside, and left the scene. And that’s when the student’s cell phone GPS tracking deviceRead More

GPS Device Keeps Track of the Kids

Mother And Daughter-child

As parents look for effective ways to protect their children, a GPS device may provide a useful solution. Some parents track their teenager using the GPS capabilities of his or her smartphone, but have no way of monitoring toddlers or other children too young for GPS-enabled phones. Why the Concern? When today’s parents and grandparents were young, it was common for kids to spend their days playing outside, seemingly coming home only for meals and bed. They rode their bikes through the neighborhood, built tree houses, played sandlot baseball, and made memories together. As the years have gone by, however,Read More

North Carolina: Stokes County School District Buses Get GPS

It’s that moment every parent worries about: your child gets on the school bus. But how do you know they’ll make it to school safely? Stories abound about children being left at the wrong stop, speeding drivers, and buses heading off course, delaying drop off times. Being concerned is only natural. But if your child rides one of North Carolina’s Stokes County buses, you can rest easy knowing that you can find out where your child is at any point in time thanks to the GPS devices they have installed on all of their buses. But it gives a parentRead More

Bighorn Sheep GPS Tracking In The Mojave Desert

More than 100 Bighorn sheep have died this year in California’s Mojave Desert. The cause of death is an ongoing pneumonia epidemic in the region. State and federal wildlife experts will spend $48,000 in an effort to combat the health crisis. “We are throwing everything we have at this to better understand it and hopefully control it,” said Debra Hughson, Mojave National Preserve science adviser. The funds will be spend on a helicopter survey and GPS tracking collars for the sheep. The pneumonia cannot spread to humans, but is devastating the bighorn sheep populations in the Old Dad Mountain andRead More