GPS Monitoring To Keep Tabs on Food Trucks

Chicago is changing the rules when it comes to food trucks. It seems that the new mayor, Rahm Emanuel, likes to get his lunch fresh from a mobile source, or at least believes that his fellow citizens should be able to do so. The Windy City has long had a ban on cooking food in trucks, but is now prepared to approve a change in that policy. Mobile food vendors will soon be allowed to cook food inside their vehicles, tempting passersby with the smell of Chicago-style hot dogs and onions on the grill.   There will, of course, beRead More

Vaccination Safety Ensured Thanks to Intelleflex’s GPS RFID Reader


Ensuring safety of the vaccinations we give to our children and loved ones is important. Some of these vaccinations require storage in a controlled environment, and to help achieve this goal during transport, Intelleflex has introduced a new GPS RFID reader and database in the cloud to monitor temperatures during each step of the transportation process. The CMR-6100 cellular multiprotocol reader and associated Zest Data Services cloud platform was introduced on April 3, and it gives both manufacturers and health care professionals peace of mind that the precious cargo, both food and pharmaceutical items, will reach their destination without spoiling. Read More

Sweet Summer Eats: What’s Around Your Town?

New York City parks are getting a summertime facelift this year. Instead of slinging the hotdogs, hamburgers, and ice creams of old, park authorities have asked different kinds of food vendors to line the shady lanes. Numerous restaurants and chefs from all over the city put in bids to sell a number of delectable delights. If you plan on visiting NYC this year, you can look forward to some promising park food including Korean cuisine, organic ice cream, upscale grilled cheese sandwiches, and various other mouth-watering bites. While an epicurean’s dream, New York City isn’t the only town offering greatRead More