Transporting Goods On Dangerous Routes: The Importance of Tracking Devices

Tracking devices can help drivers that have to pass through dangerous routes feel safer while also protecting cargo. Call RMT for fleet tracking devices today.

When most of us see trucks on the road, they are traveling the usual routes (most of the time, they are traveling the sames routes that we travel by car). While we never think about those trucks that drive on more treacherous routes, that’s the reality of the transportation business. Some truck drivers pass through frozen areas that are slippery and dangerous while others drive through areas that are known for a lot of truck hijacking and crime. What do these drivers do when they are out of range of help or can’t defend the contents of a truck onRead More

How to Integrate GPS Tracking and Not Scare Your Employees

Here’s how you can incorporate fleet tracking into your business without angering any employees!

A lot of fleet companies consider GPS tracking devices, but many are turned off by the assumption that employees would balk at the idea. While it’s true that integrating GPS trackers into every car or truck in your fleet might make some employees skeptical, there are ways to include this tracking technology without isolating your staff or causing any kind of disruption in services. Take a look at these top ways to add GPS to your fleet without scaring away your employees. Don’t spring a surprise: there’s nothing that angers employees more than arriving at work one day to discoverRead More

Ways to Improve Customer Service

Do you want to improve customer service when it comes to your company? Consider installing a GPS tracker in every truck in your fleet. Call RMT today for more information.

Your employees are the first layer between your company and your clients – both new and potential. It’s vital that your employees are united when it comes to providing the best customer service available. Customer service should be something that you are constantly working on with your employees as well, and not something that remains stagnant from the time you open up shop until the time that you close at the end of the day. How can you improve customer service? Take a look at these top tips. Make sure that you or your employees are accessible. Have you everRead More

Ways to Improve Fleet Driving Behavior

Fleet tracking can do a lot more than help you keep track of your trucks. For reduced rates on fleet tracking equipment, call RMT today!

How much does it matter that your drivers abide by traffic rules and are courteous while driving? Believe it or not, a lot of people see trucks every day on the road while commuting or running errands, and truck drivers that are not courteous can really give a company a bad reputation. How can you make sure that your company is being properly represented when you can’t be around to supervise? Here are some top ways to make sure that your drivers are behaving while on the road. Stress the importance of good driving. It’s not enough to simply tellRead More

Why Fleet Tracking is Smart

Need some information about gps for fleet tracking? Check out this article, and call RMT today for fleet tracking rates and specials.

Our business at Rocky Mountain Tracking is to sell GPS tracking devices for all kinds of vehicle tracking purposes including fleet tracking. But we aren’t just in the business of selling these devices. We’re also in the business of letting you know why GPS trackers are essential for any company that owns its own fleet – but don’t take our word for it. Instead, take a look at these top reasons why you really need GPS technology when it comes to your fleet. Your customers will be happy with your tracking abilities. Where is that shipment, and when will itRead More

India Gets an Uber-Like Autorickshaw Service

India Gets an Uber-Like Autorickshaw Service

Autorickshaws may seem like novelty to the western traveler that visits India for the first time, but this mode of transportation can be compared to New York’s taxis for people living in crowded urban centers in India. It’s not uncommon to grab an autorickshaw after work to make it through India’s crowded streets to a residence, but like taxis these vehicles can often be booked during peak hours. A few companies in India have come up with a solution to this transportation problem. Companies like, mGaadi and Ola are now offering autorickshaw bookings through tech platforms like Whatsapp. InRead More

Fleet Tracking Can Increase Revenue by 10%

Fleet Tracking Can Increase Revenue by 10%

A new report put out by In-Car Cleverness has found that rental and credit-hire companies that install GPS for fleet tracking purposes can raise company revenue by up to 10% in most cases. This raise in revenue comes from keeping a closer eye on cars that are rented out to people for the sake of vacation rentals or to people with bad credit. Often, owners of these types of companies are the subject of fraud, but GPS tracking can put a stop to that. How it Works It’s not uncommon for people to try and steal cars from no-credit carRead More

University of Miami Football Latest to Employ GPS Technology

The University of Miami sign.

When you are picked up by a college football team, you’re expected to work hard to perform better than you did during the last game or practice. They strive for excellence, and you work your hardest to provide it. But certain aspects of your performance are tough to measure. Sure, you can measure muscles and weigh yourself, tracking just how much stronger you are than the last time you worked out, but on the field, it’s tough to measure a variety of stats that could help you see just where you need improvement. Many teams around the world–football, soccer, andRead More

What To Look For In a Fleet Manager

A fleet of buses.

When it comes to your fleet business, hiring a good manager is crucial to the success of your company. Finding that manager can be tough to do, but it becomes easier if you know what to look for in the person that will eventually be managing your fleet. Take a look at these desirable character traits that every fleet manager should have before you start the hiring process. Someone that’s goal-driven. A fleet manager has to have specific goals in mind, and those goals also have to be attainable. Focusing on many different goals at once that span the entireRead More

Could Weather Reports Start to Get More Accurate?

Satellite Orbiting Earth - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Weather reports are kind of a joke, right? Most of the time, the weather that’s predicted isn’t accurate, and sometimes it’s downright laughable. Your local weather person might predict the biggest blizzard of the century, which may cause airports and roads to shut down, but after all is said and done that blizzard may turn out to be nothing more than a few snowflakes. And what about all those times that you’ve dressed lightly based on a report of “sun, sun, sun!” only to walk to work in frigid temperatures wishing you hadn’t listened? Ah, the weather, that unpredictable thing!Read More