CNet’s Tech Cars of the Year (2014)

Satellite Orbiting Earth - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog is one of the most reliable tech review websites. Throughout the year, journalists at CNet test various components of popular cars based on a tech criteria. Things like the best in-car command system, stereo, and drivetrain are all taken into account in each review that CNet publishes. At the end of the year, the company posts the best tech cars that the CNet team tested. Here’s this year’s list. 2015 BMW i8: The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid that doesn’t look like your typical hybrid. This car has a carbon fiber body, in-car apps that impress, various driverRead More

The Top 3 High End Luxury Cars

Black Mercedes Benz S Class

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, we’ve all dreamed a dream similar to those holiday luxury car commercials at one point or another. You know, like the Lexus wrapped up with the big red bow in the yard Christmas morning, or unwrapping the key to your brand new Lamborghini that is waiting in the garage. Unfortunately, you don’t exactly have a Lambo budget (and neither does anyone you know, for that matter). You’ll be happy with your GPS tracking device for the Camry you’re driving this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream a little!  Don’t beRead More

Smart Parking: A Novel New Concept

Nic Redhead

Car technology has made a lot of progress over the past few months, but we haven’t heard much about smart parking – a new concept created by a California company called Streetline. I’m guessing that you haven’t heard of smart parking yet, but it’s bound to be a big deal if the concept takes off. What Is Smart Parking? It’s kind of tough to explain this concept concisely, since smart parking really spans a bunch of different topics and categories, but, essentially, smart parking involves parking lot data collection. Using data collected, companies and governments that own parking lots canRead More

Fuel Prices Are On the Rise: Save Money With GPS

The holidays are upon us, and as they do every year, fuel prices are rising to record highs.  The national average is currently $3.40, which is up 51 cents from this time last year. Since October, the price of crude oil has increased roughly 30 percent, from $75.67 to $102 per barrel. Why?  Experts think that one likely cause is good news.  As the economy is slowly recovering and more are returning to work, the demand for fuel is increasing. More reasons (not good news) include continued occupation and unrest in places that export crude oil, weak economies worldwide, dwindlingRead More

Waiting for Santa

If you’re expecting a visit from Santa this year, GPS tracking might help you know exactly when he’s coming. Of course we expect him to land at midnight, but just in case he’s running a little behind schedule (you know, some of those elves can be a little slow), we’re hoping he’ll keep a tracker on his sleigh for the night. Of course, he may want to keep his exact whereabouts a secret, and that’s Santa’s prerogative. But he did let GPS tracking tell some folks when he was coming to spread some early Christmas cheer this year. Santa ClausRead More

Michelle Obama Helps track Santa Via GPS

On Christmas Eve this year, Michelle Obama lent a helping hand in tracking Santa via GPS – a task which is normally undertaken by NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command. The “Track Santa” program, which has been active since 1958, currently uses GPS satellites to track Santa’s movements from the North Pole to all the corners of the globe. The website,, gets millions of hits every year. The live operations center, which receives phone calls from children asking where Santa is, staffs 1,200 individuals. First by Phone, Now By Internet and GPS NORAD’s “Track Santa” program started outRead More

Tracking Santa’s Reindeer Using GPS? Not Quite.

In one of the most bizarre media campaigns of the past few years, clothing retailer Gap, Inc. has decided to track eight reindeer. “Aha!” you may think. “Christmastime! Santa’s reindeer! This is a clever little flash animation that children will be able to gleefully watch on Christmas Eve as ‘Santa’ makes his way across the world!” Not so much. These eight reindeer are not special, magical reindeer from the north pole. And this isn’t one of the dime-a-dozen ‘Santa Trackers’ that inexplicably continue to arise year after year. No, these are eight reindeer with prizes and GPS tracking systems attachedRead More

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday With GPS Tracking

As the weather gets colder and storms blow across the country, many may reconsider their plans for the holidays.  With recent storms on the east coast and throughout the midwest, many vehicles were stranded.  Perhaps you are concerned about traveling during the wintery weather after hearing stories of other travelers who were stuck for hours in freezing conditions.  A GPS tracking device can provide some reassurance for worried travelers. If you have a GPS tracking device with you while driving, you will be able to see your exact location at all times.  GPS devices usually work even during bad weatherRead More

GPS Tracking Protects Baby Jesus

Even Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph are not safe sitting in front of churches and homes during the holiday season these days but have to fear being stolen or removed as a prank. However, like everything else, nativity scenes and holiday displays can now benefit from GPS tracking to be sure that they remain in their places as humble reminders of the true meaning of Christmas. In times past, once a nativity scene was stolen, it was not generally recovered. With the advent of smaller and more affordable GPS tracking devices that can be placed inside a figurine and leadRead More

The GPS Tracker that Saved Christmas

It seems hard to believe, but there are actually people out there with a desire to destroy Christmas. And what better way to do it than to steal manger scenes from the front of homes and churches? Yes, folks – whether to ruin the Christmas spirit or simply to make a few extra bucks, people really are out there trying to steal baby Jesus from his wooden manger, and they’re getting away with it. Thankfully, GPS tracking is able to put a little cheer back into the holidays. In January of 2010, the baby Jesus was stolen from its nativityRead More