These Sneakers Track Your Child’s Movements

These Sneakers Track Your Child’s Movements

How do you find out where your kids are at all times? GPS trackers help. But most kids will remove a tracker that’s placed on a necklace or bracelet, and may not always wear that watch or backpack. If there’s one thing that kids love, though, it’s colorful sneakers, and that’s what two companies are banking on with a new line of smart shoes – that’s right, smart shoes. What are smart shoes? Shoes that include a GPS tracker, of course! Sports giant 361 Degrees and Chinese company Baidu have teamed up to create colorful sneakers that kids will likeRead More

A New GPS Helmet for Bikes Could Save Lives

A New GPS Helmet for Bikes Could Save Lives

Trying to ride a motorcycle while also trying to navigate city streets is tricky. If you look down at any kind of navigation map, you risk crashing your bike. If you don’t know where you’re going, a navigation map can really help. Is there a fine balance between the two? A group of Russian engineers have invented a helmet that displays GPS maps on the visor. The helmet is called LiveMap, and it’s the only one of its kind. How LiveMap Works Imagine a hologram of sorts on the front part of your helmet visor that you can only seeRead More

Tesla to Sell Cars in New Jersey Without Dealerships

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Nearly a year ago, the state of New Jersey banned Tesla from selling its cars direct to the public. Today, Governor Chris Christie reversed that ban by signing a bill into law that allows the car company to sell directly to the public without the help or interference of any car dealerships. This is a major step forward for Tesla, since New Jersey is one of the states with the highest luxury car sales. The company has been banned from selling directly to the public in a number of other states including Texas, Michigan, Virginia, and Arizona. Tesla’s CEO ElonRead More

Vanderbilt Next Team to Track Football Players’ Performance

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College football teams seek out the best of the best to recruit to their teams, hoping the men they assemble on the playing field each week lead their team to a championship. They practice endlessly, perfecting their plays, and hoping that injuries don’t occur. When technology intersects with sports, all kinds of amazing things happen. We’ve brought you stories of the wearable tracking devices used by teams–-not just football-–all over the world, designed to bring data to the coaches that allow their teams to play at an optimum performance level. The latest team to give the technology a try: Vanderbilt.Read More

Atmospheric Froth and GPS

The sky. It's big, and blue.

Atmospheric froth is the name that scientists have given to irregularities in the ionosphere (the part of the atmosphere that separates Earth and space), and it’s a major point of interest for NASA and for researchers at the University of New Brunswick. Why is froth gaining so much attention? Simply put, those irregularities are causing problems with radio signals from GPS satellites and with aircraft. How GPS Happens We tend to take GPS for granted regularly. We use GPS on our phones, in our cars, and to track items of all kinds. In order for all of these things toRead More

Celebs Love GPS Coordinate Tattoos

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The trend might have been started by Angelina Jolie, but ‘Guns and Roses’ guitarist Slash is carrying on the trend. What trend? The one where celebrities tattoo GPS coordinates on their bodies. Jolie has the coordinates of each of the birthplaces of all of her children tattooed on her arm, and Slash now has some coordinates of his own tattooed on his neck (ouch!). Slash’s Coordinate Significance According to various celebrity publications, Slash now has coordinates that lead to Chicago, Illinois, and Woodland Hills, California tattooed on his neck. Why? His new girlfriend (Slash has recently been divorced for theRead More

Safeti: A GPS-based Safety Device

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Every once in a while, a crowdfunding campaign catches our eye. This time that campaign is for a new device called ‘Safeti.’ Safeti is an “on-demand personal safety concierge” device that aims to make traveling alone or just walking around town alone safer. Here’s a closer look at the new Safeti device. What It Does Imagine for a moment that you’re leaving your gym at night, and you have to walk through a deserted indoor parking lot in order to reach your car. As you start walking, you hear footsteps behind you, and those footsteps start to increase in speedRead More

The Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance (GPS) Act

Police using a drone to track criminals.

Members of both the House and Senate have recently introduced the Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance Act: requesting that police require a warrant in order to gather information via GPS tracking. Currently, police can use cellphone location data to track citizen movements, but lawmakers feel that this is unjust. A Useful Tool If Used Correctly There’s little doubt that GPS technology (whether in a phone or a GPS tracker) can provide police with valuable information in many different criminal and other cases. But lawmakers argue that these details should be private unless a warrant has been obtained. Simply purchasing a cellRead More

Tracking Jellyfish?

Jellyfish in the ocean.

You can’t really place a GPS tracker on a jellyfish — where would you put it? But, you can track the ocean currents using GPS technology, and that’s exactly what a group of Australian researchers is doing in order to understand how the little sacks of jelly work. Jellyfish do not have brains, a heart, or any bones, but the researchers have discovered they can adapt surprisingly well to the ocean’s currents. As it turns out, jellyfish can automatically detect the various currents of ocean waves, and this allows the fish to swim against the currents. Prior to discovering thisRead More

A Canadian Wild Boar Problem

Wild boars playing in the mud.

What happens when you introduce a new species into a foreign place? In the case of numerous wild boar in Saskatchewan, you get a species that thrives quite unexpectedly. Fish and Game authorities in Saskatchewan, Canada, introduced a number of wild boar into the environment to help with agricultural diversification. What authorities didn’t account for was that wild boar can survive in harsh climates, and wouldn’t simply die out as they had originally thought. Boars Like Cold Weather Wild boars live naturally in Russia, and Russia is known for its harsh climates. When the boars were brought into Saskatchewan, itRead More