Saving the Elephants in Sudan with GPS

A family of elephant on the prairie.

War takes its toll on an area in so many ways. The people are fearful and weary. Heavy artillery decimates villages and cities. Communities are turned upside down. Another aspect of life that is touched by war is wildlife. In Sudan, a civil war rages on and wildlife suffers. Many species are threatened, but the animals at the greatest risk — according to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) — are the elephants, giraffes, and an antelope species found in Africa called the ‘Nile lechwe’ and ‘tiang’. But what is killing them? Is it a case of being caught in theRead More

The Ricoh WG-4 Camera Comes with GPS

Rikoh GPS camera

Ricoh’s WG-4 GPS camera comes with GPS technology that lets photographers determine things like altitude, time, and pressure details. This is one of the first cameras that comes with GPS technology, and it’s also a step up in terms of added details from Ricoh’s original point and shoots. If you’re a photographer, this is one camera that you may not want to pass up without a closer look. The GPS Explanation It might seem odd to include GPS capabilities as part of a camera, but there’s a method to this addition. With the Ricoh WG-4, you can easily record theRead More

You Can Now Buy a Volvo Online

An old green Volvo.

Car manufacturer Volvo has announced that the company will start to sell cars online. This is a first for Volvo. It’s also a first for most car companies other than Tesla (you can buy some Tesla models online), but Volvo’s strategy seems to be focused on the online market – with eCommerce becoming more and more what consumers want. Volvo has told press that the company aims to make all of its models available digitally to consumers through the Volvo website. But, there’s a catch. Volvo models might be available online, though consumers will have to go through a dealershipRead More

Seiko’s New Astron GPS Watch

Seiko Astron GPS Watch

With all the hype about the new James Bond movie, you might be inclined to think the new Seiko Astron is a 007 gadget — that’s the fictitious stuff that the Astron is made of. But this isn’t fiction. It’s a real watch that anyone (spy or otherwise) can wear. What’s spy-like about the Astron is that it harnesses the power of GPS satellites. The automatic watch changes time no matter where you are on the planet using GPS technology. No more messing with watch times when you cross the pond, and no more arriving to a meeting three hoursRead More

Best Black Friday New Car Deals

Ford Interior car steering wheel

While you may have your heart set on a new iPad this Black Friday, car manufacturers are getting in on the Black Friday action too, though most people don’t think about buying a new car as part of a Black Friday deal. New cars are a much bigger purchase than an iPad, that’s for sure, but you may be able to get a great deal on a new car if you act during the Black Friday frenzy. Plus many of these deals last through December. Rocky Mountain Tracking has gathered up some of the top Black Friday new car deals,Read More

The Top 3 High End Luxury Cars

Black Mercedes Benz S Class

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, we’ve all dreamed a dream similar to those holiday luxury car commercials at one point or another. You know, like the Lexus wrapped up with the big red bow in the yard Christmas morning, or unwrapping the key to your brand new Lamborghini that is waiting in the garage. Unfortunately, you don’t exactly have a Lambo budget (and neither does anyone you know, for that matter). You’ll be happy with your GPS tracking device for the Camry you’re driving this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream a little!  Don’t beRead More

Nebraska Guaranteeing Football Player Performance with GPS

Nebraska college football team

Thanksgiving isn’t just the time to gather around with the ones we love to enjoy a feast sure to loosen the belt buckle. It’s the time of year football lovers gather around to watch the various college bowls play out on television, rooting for their favorite team or alma mater. If this is what makes the holiday truly special, then you might be interested to know that 30 college football teams will be relying on GPS tracking devices to ensure their players remain at the top of their game the whole game through. The NFL is doing it too, usingRead More

Rip Curl Creates a GPS-enabled Surf Watch

RipCurl App

Most of the time, water and high technology don’t mix; especially GPS. But the surfing company Rip Curl has just released a new GPS-enabled watch that can both handle waves and record surfing sessions using GPS technology. If you are a serious surfer, this is the watch for you. The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch The SearchGPS watch does exactly what you might expect it to do. This watch records your movements as you catch waves, but it does more: tracking your rides each day tracking the distance that you ride each wave number of waves caught records wave speeds YouRead More

FitBit Goes With GPS

FitBit Heartbeat Bracelet

FitBit recently unveiled a three new fitness tracking bracelets. The Charge is an upgrade from the original FitBit, the Charge HR incorporates heart rate monitoring into the mix, and the FitBit Surge adds GPS tracking. The Surge is the FitBit bracelet to watch, since serious runners and fitness enthusiasts tend to be serious about GPS-enabled devices. If you run or want a fitness tracker, here’s what you can expect to find with the FitBit Surge. Feel The Surge FitBit has done some research and discovered that people serious about physical health often track their heart rate. Why? Because tracking yourRead More

Driverless Cars: Are You Ready?


It seemed like a far-fetched concept – a car that can navigate city streets all by itself. Instead of plugging an address into your GPS tracking device to get directions, you plug in an address to be driven to your destination. Nissan says you should see an affordable driverless car by the year 2020. Google, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi are actually testing its driverless car prototypes after receiving permits to do so in California just a few days ago. These permits were only issued if the companies made sure there were controls available to the human inside the car in theRead More