Looking for a GPS Watch? Try These.

A variety of heartbeats in different colors.

There are, arguably, more ways to get in shape now than there have ever been before. Not only are there a myriad of different fitness trackers, bands, and apps, but there are GPS watches that come with heart-rate monitors (essential for accurately tracking your workouts). If you’ve looked at apps and various trackers (some of which are useful too), but you really want a GPS watch, here are some of the better ones on the market. The TomTom Runner: With the TomTom runner, you’ll get TomTom GPS tracking technology (which is pretty well known in the consumer GPS mapping world), alongRead More

How to Make Your Teen a Safer Driver

Teen driver.

We can all remember when we were teens, and the excitement that came after completing driver’s education and passing that all-important test. What we didn’t think too much about then (because we were the kids behind the wheel!) was road safety. Concerns about driving safely while on the road are what parents tend to think about, and if this has been crossing your mind as your teen draws nearer and nearer to that driver’s license, you have every right to be concerned! Teens today have a lot of distractions to deal with. While we might have had a few friendsRead More

Teaching an Old Bear New Tricks with GPS

A brown bear, maybe a grizzly bear.

They call her No. 148. From the moment this three-and-a-half year old grizzly bear wakes up to the time she retires for the evening, her movements are being tracked thanks to a GPS tracking device worn in the form of a collar around her neck. Biologists in Banff, located in Canada, collared No. 148 back on June 12, 2014 in an effort to reduce the number of grizzlies killed on highways and railways, a joint project between Canadian Pacific Railway and Parks Canada. The goal of the project is to see how these young bears use the land around them,Read More

Saving the Elephants in Sudan with GPS

A family of elephant on the prairie.

War takes its toll on an area in so many ways. The people are fearful and weary. Heavy artillery decimates villages and cities. Communities are turned upside down. Another aspect of life that is touched by war is wildlife. In Sudan, a civil war rages on and wildlife suffers. Many species are threatened, but the animals at the greatest risk — according to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) — are the elephants, giraffes, and an antelope species found in Africa called the ‘Nile lechwe’ and ‘tiang’. But what is killing them? Is it a case of being caught in theRead More

This $2.7 Million Ferrari is Sold Out

Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari made 32 FXX K models. All 32 of those cars has been sold – each at $2.7 million. Who can afford such luxuries? The FXX K was debuted in Abu Dhabi where it was snatched up quickly by budding billionaires. The FXX K brings back a classic shape and design, and it boasts 1035-hp under the hood. Not only is the FXX K the most expensive Ferrari ever sold, it’s also the most powerful. About the FXX K While you’re too late to buy one, you can still oogle over the details, right? The ‘K’ in FXX K standsRead More

Nebraska Guaranteeing Football Player Performance with GPS

Nebraska college football team

Thanksgiving isn’t just the time to gather around with the ones we love to enjoy a feast sure to loosen the belt buckle. It’s the time of year football lovers gather around to watch the various college bowls play out on television, rooting for their favorite team or alma mater. If this is what makes the holiday truly special, then you might be interested to know that 30 college football teams will be relying on GPS tracking devices to ensure their players remain at the top of their game the whole game through. The NFL is doing it too, usingRead More

Appeals Court: Evidence From Warrantless Tracking Is Admissible


In a surprising turn of events, the ‘Third Circuit Court of Appeals’ has ruled that any evidence collected from a GPS tracking device placed in a suspect’s vehicle without obtaining a warrant beforehand is admissible in court. This comes in the wake of the US v. Katzin case, where officers relied on data collected from a GPS vehicle tracking device to link Katzin to a string of pharmacy robberies. The ACLU claims that the placement of the device constitutes an unreasonable search. The recent judgement is considered a “good-faith exception.” The Ruling It started after the Third Circuit Court ofRead More

How 200 Pound Rocks Move On a Desert Floor

Tom Babich

Death Valley National Park hasn’t been visited by UFOs, though prior to a recent GPS tracking study, the alien explanation might have been the only logical option. You see, there are rocks that move across the base of a company dry lake bed – big rocks, rocks that weigh 200 pounds and more. Nearby residents have nicknamed that particular stretch of Death Valley “Racetrack Playa” because rocks leaving behind giant tracks can be found strewn throughout the dried up lakebed. Unable to solve the mystery of how the rocks move without human (or alien) help, a team of researchers decidedRead More

The NFL Gets RFID In Addition to GPS

football field

The NFL recently announced that players this year will have small RFID sensors in shoulder pads this season. Each player will sport two hidden sensors that track every move made on the field. The sensors will pick up on locations, information pertaining to player activity level, and other details that every NFL fan wants to know. Tracking Every Move Over the past few years, various television channels have attempted to track player moves, so people watching from home could see what players are doing at every moment. In addition, a number of NFL teams have already implemented GPS technology to keep better tabs on player movement.Read More

World’s Smallest Industrial-Grade GPS Device Released to Public

GT0 tracker

“Smaller, easier, and whenever possible – more affordable.” That’s the motivation behind the creation of the GT0 tracking device. This GPS device is considered the smallest industrial GPS tracking device available today. It’s currently being used by over 300 companies to manage over 100,000 assets located across six different continents. The GT0 – The World’s Smallest Tracking Device Measuring at less than three inches by three inches and a little over one inch thick, the GT0 is the world’s smallest industrial-grade tracking device, which utilizes GPS signal to track various items around the globe. Its satellite-based communication ensures visibility inRead More