What To Look For In a Fleet Manager

A fleet of buses.

When it comes to your fleet business, hiring a good manager is crucial to the success of your company. Finding that manager can be tough to do, but it becomes easier if you know what to look for in the person that will eventually be managing your fleet. Take a look at these desirable character traits that every fleet manager should have before you start the hiring process. Someone that’s goal-driven. A fleet manager has to have specific goals in mind, and those goals also have to be attainable. Focusing on many different goals at once that span the entireRead More

The Informer Lite

Rocky Mountain Tracking Informer Lite

One of our most popular products at Rocky Mountain Tracking is the Informer Lite tracker. This real-time tracking device has a lot of beneficial elements, is easy enough to install, and is the ideal solution for any tracking problem that you are having. Here are some additional details about the Informer Lite car GPS tracker. Standout Features When buying a car tracking device, features matter. The Informer Lite isn’t light on features! The following benefits are included with the Informer Lite. Live tracking including one-minute unlimited locates Simple 3-wire installation 2-year warranty Complete GPS tracking full-featured device Geofence options SpeedRead More

The RMT Tracking Key: Details

GPS Tracking Key - Rocky Mountain Tracking

The Tracking Key is a car GPS tracker that Rocky Mountain Tracking is proud to sell. This small tracking device includes complete maps and reports, has a good battery life, and can be attached to many different areas of your car. If you’re curious about the Tracking Key, here is some more information about this unique device. Things to Know About the Tracking Key Is the Tracking Key the right car tracking device for you? We can help you figure out which device will work best for your needs, but here are some ways to determine whether or not theRead More

The Silver Cloud Tracker

Silver Cloud Personal Tracker

Rocky Mountain Tracking’s ‘Silver Cloud Tracker’ is one of the smallest GPS tracking devices in the world. This device can track in real time, is incredibly accurate, and can be placed on any vehicle for instant information. If you’re looking for a real-time tracking device that does it all — read on! Silver Cloud Tracker Features Some of the features of the Silver Cloud Tracker include: Accuracy up to 2.5m Location history that is unlimited Online GPS tracking software that is completely user-friendly, and is accessible from any iOS device. A battery that lasts for 6 hours on one charge,Read More

CES 2015: What’s On the Horizon for Car Tech

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Floor.

CES 2015 is shaping up to be quite the event for tech junkies in January. This really doesn’t come as a surprise. People come to ooh and aah over the assemblage of electronic devices, getting a glimpse of what’s to come and what the next must-have devices will be. Manufacturers seek out companies that have technology to enhance the products they produce, hoping for a grand partnership that will revolutionize their industry. This year, it’s all about the vehicle. Car manufacturers will be on the show floor in Las Vegas showcasing the new and exciting things their cars can do,Read More

Ways to Get Freight Loads that Pay

Shipping crates stacked on each other.

Owners and operators in the freight world know one thing to be very true: without loads, there is no business. As luck would have it, the holiday season tends to be one of the slowest too. So, how do you get the work when there just aren’t a ton to go around? Here are some helpful tips. Your Ideal Client The fastest way to start is to check a load board. Picking from a load board is likely to get you smaller paying gigs — a lot of boards only have small or one-time jobs.. That may not be theRead More

This Is What James Bond Will Drive Next

Aston Martin Spectre

The new Aston Martin that James Bond will drive in the upcoming film ‘Spectre’ has been announced. This version of the car is the Aston Martin DB10, and it’s pretty. It’s also something that CEO Andy Palmer was more than pleased to show off. Palmer didn’t provide any real details about the DB10, but he did tell press that the new Bond mobile provides a good look at the direction that Aston Martin is moving in with its newest line. Aston Martin has had a 50-year relationship with James Bond — 2015 will be no different. Prior to that, BMW stoleRead More

How to Buy a GPS Navigation System

GPS Navigation system with no reception.

Have you looked at the many GPS tracking systems out there lately? Whether you’re buying one for yourself or for someone on your holiday list, there’s a good chance that you have no idea which decision is the right one. The choices of GPS tracking systems can be dizzying, but there are some fundamental things that any good GPS system should have – take a look. Easy updates. The biggest complaint that people have about any GPS tracking system is that most are outdated quickly. Updating some GPS systems can be a real hassle. One of the things to lookRead More

Best Black Friday New Car Deals

Ford Interior car steering wheel

While you may have your heart set on a new iPad this Black Friday, car manufacturers are getting in on the Black Friday action too, though most people don’t think about buying a new car as part of a Black Friday deal. New cars are a much bigger purchase than an iPad, that’s for sure, but you may be able to get a great deal on a new car if you act during the Black Friday frenzy. Plus many of these deals last through December. Rocky Mountain Tracking has gathered up some of the top Black Friday new car deals,Read More

The Top 3 High End Luxury Cars

Black Mercedes Benz S Class

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, we’ve all dreamed a dream similar to those holiday luxury car commercials at one point or another. You know, like the Lexus wrapped up with the big red bow in the yard Christmas morning, or unwrapping the key to your brand new Lamborghini that is waiting in the garage. Unfortunately, you don’t exactly have a Lambo budget (and neither does anyone you know, for that matter). You’ll be happy with your GPS tracking device for the Camry you’re driving this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream a little!  Don’t beRead More