SFO to Use GPS Tracking to Collect Fees

SFO to Use GPS Tracking to Collect Fees

Airports collect fees from limousine and taxi companies that pick up and drop off on their premises, but up until this point airports like SFO had no way of tracking rides from services like Uber and Lyft. San Francisco International Airport has recently created a GPS tracking platform that will do just that – allow the airport to track and collect fees from services like Uber and Lyft. Further, SFO will be selling this same technology to other airports in the near future. Here’s what it’s all about. Easy Way to Collect Fees When a new form of transportation showsRead More

India Gets an Uber-Like Autorickshaw Service

India Gets an Uber-Like Autorickshaw Service

Autorickshaws may seem like novelty to the western traveler that visits India for the first time, but this mode of transportation can be compared to New York’s taxis for people living in crowded urban centers in India. It’s not uncommon to grab an autorickshaw after work to make it through India’s crowded streets to a residence, but like taxis these vehicles can often be booked during peak hours. A few companies in India have come up with a solution to this transportation problem. Companies like Autowale.in, mGaadi and Ola are now offering autorickshaw bookings through tech platforms like Whatsapp. InRead More

Wyoming: Tracking Mule Deer During Migration

A mule deer.

In an effort to track mule deer in Wyoming to better understand migratory habits, wildlife biologists at the University of Wyoming are affixing GPS tracking devices to deer captured by helicopter. The goal is to learn more about their health and the path they travel during what is known as the Red Desert-to-Hoback migration, the longest known land migration in the lower 48 states. The journey, taken by the deer twice each year, spans 150 miles. The scientists hope that data gathered during the GPS project will help conservationists better understand the needs of the deer in regards to protectingRead More

Ironman Turns to GPS Tracking

Two cyclists riding in an Ironman competition.

If you’re a fan of the Ironman competition, you’ll be happy to know that you can now follow competitors on the Ironman.com website thanks to new technology being used during the race called ‘IRONFAN.’ Fan will be able to log into the website, see how competitors are doing, and gain additional stats based on information logged by athletes. Not Just for Fans IRONFAN is for the competitors too. Using the new technology and the Ironman website combined, athletes can log into the site and record biometric and other pieces of data for additional tracking purposes. Not only can fans lookRead More

Ways to Get Freight Loads that Pay

Shipping crates stacked on each other.

Owners and operators in the freight world know one thing to be very true: without loads, there is no business. As luck would have it, the holiday season tends to be one of the slowest too. So, how do you get the work when there just aren’t a ton to go around? Here are some helpful tips. Your Ideal Client The fastest way to start is to check a load board. Picking from a load board is likely to get you smaller paying gigs — a lot of boards only have small or one-time jobs.. That may not be theRead More

This Tesla Reads Road Signs

Tesla D car

You may have heard about connected cars, flying cars, and other really innovative car tech lately (right here on this blog, no doubt!), but have you heard of a car that can actually read road signs and adjust driving to fit those signs? The Tesla Model D can do just that – and more. Here’s what Tesla has been working on, and what you’ll find inside the Model D. The Tesla P85D Comparable to the MacLaren F1, the Tesla P85D can go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, last for 275 miles on one charge, and, yes, it canRead More

Nebraska Guaranteeing Football Player Performance with GPS

Nebraska college football team

Thanksgiving isn’t just the time to gather around with the ones we love to enjoy a feast sure to loosen the belt buckle. It’s the time of year football lovers gather around to watch the various college bowls play out on television, rooting for their favorite team or alma mater. If this is what makes the holiday truly special, then you might be interested to know that 30 college football teams will be relying on GPS tracking devices to ensure their players remain at the top of their game the whole game through. The NFL is doing it too, usingRead More

Distracted Driver? Watch Out!


According to numerous sources, General Motors is working on technology that will pay close attention to a driver’s head and eye movements. The eye and head tracking tech will keep close watch over drivers that are distracted. Distracted drivers will hear warning sounds from the tracker, and drivers will be alerted when they are not paying enough attention to roads or to mirrors. Safety First GM hasn’t exactly had a solid track record when it comes to safety. In the past few months, the company has had a lot of recalls. But, GM is now focused on working with Australia-basedRead More

The Downside to Self-Driving Cars

Alden Jewell

The thought of a car that doesn’t require a driver is kind of a neat one (especially if you are a science fiction fan!), but there might be a downside to the new cars. A recently published article in The Guardian points to the fact that the mere technology for self-driving cars is enough to put a lot of people out of work. Here’s a further explanation. What Next? Driving is a difficult process that requires all of our concentration, motor skills, and reflexes. Most of us have to be completely concentrated on the road in order to drive safely.Read More

The Tracking Key Pro

Tracker Key Pro

If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable GPS tracking solution, check out the Tracking Key Pro. This GPS tracking device is extremely small (approximately the same size as the two AA batteries that power it!), boasts up to 80 hours of usage before charging the battery, and provides crucial information for determining the whereabouts of your loved ones. What’s more, it is an excellent choice for businesses looking into GPS tracking systems fleet purposes. Features This little 3-inch long GPS tracking device is as rugged as it is powerful, and it can be affixed magnetically outside of a vehicle, and,Read More