New Jersey Transit Reduces Waste with GPS Tracking

Chris Christie

New Jersey’s $800 Million Deficit Just two months before the end of the 2014 fiscal year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced the state to be woefully over budget with a deficit of over $800 million. Having greatly overestimated his predictions on tax revenues, Christie was faced again in April with making drastic budget cuts to fill the gap from a nearly depleted budget. These budget changes, along with Christie’s overly optimistic predictions and recurrent “one-time measures” to address budgets gaps, prompted Wall Street ratings agency Standard & Poor to downgrade New Jersey’s credit rating. The agency also warned thatRead More

Emergency GPS Trackers to the Rescue

GPS Satellites

Satellite technology has truly changed the world. Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways this technology is commonly used. But GPS technology is constantly growing in use and applications. We employ GPS in our cars, phones, and computers. Keeping our kids safe, increasing productivity, even keeping time are all practical applications of this valuable technology. And methods of keeping track of our lives through GPS are growing in number and simplicity. How Does GPS Work? Satellites constantly orbit the earth, sending signals to receivers on the ground. Once aRead More

Lessons Gained from MH 370, but What Have We Learned?


The disappearance of Malaysian flight MH 370 on March 8 has left very little in the way of possibilities of what happened to the flight. In general, authorities know little more today than they did in the hours after the flight first was known to be missing. There have been reports of trajectories changing, miscalculations of where the flight could have been heading, and random debris fields in the ocean that have led to no concrete evidence of what happened to the large Boeing 777. Conspiracy theories abound and terrorist links have been attempted, but the bottom line is thatRead More

GPS Takes to the Skies for Weather

GPS Tracking for Airplanes

Using the technology of global positioning systems to track weather has been around for some time, but advances are continually being made that give experts more insight. Now, scientists at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego have developed a new method that they hope will not only help track storms, especially hurricanes, but also help predict them well in advance of traditional methods. The History of Tracking a Hurricane Since the days of Noah’s flood, man has been intrigued by the forces of nature, both its causes and its effects. But man has struggledRead More

A Better Way to Farm


Farming has always been a tedious, time consuming, back-breaking way to earn a living. The farmers of our country have always held a high place of respect and awe from the rest of us pencil pushers who take advantage of the sweat of their brow to make sure that we have enough food on our table. Farming has always been a balance between learned skill and guessing game with regards to the weather and nature, and how to best irrigate and fertilize your crops to make sure you have the best yield possible to keep you in business for theRead More

GPS Tracking Bullets: The Great Debate

Some time ago, we featured a post detailing a new technology being employed by some police forces across the country, the GPS tracking bullet. If you didn’t catch that one, here’s the scoop. It’s essentially a mini-cannon mounted on the front of a police car. When the officer is involved in a high speed chase, they simply fire the cannon which ejects a bullet consisting of a “sticky” GPS device that can track the location of the vehicle no matter what happens. There are police departments in St. Petersburg, Florida, Iowa, and Ohio are testing the device out, called theRead More

Where is GPS Navigation Headed?

For a few Christmas seasons in a row, there was one big gift idea—the one that everyone wanted, even though it was very expensive. Its capabilities seemed almost magical; it promised to increase efficiency by large margins for anyone fortunate enough to own it; and it was downright fun to use. It was, of course, the stand-alone GPS navigation device. During the first week of January each year, brand new navigators popped up on the dashboards of cars across the country. Today, however, many of those coveted devices lie unused, perhaps even consigned to the glove compartment. Is the stand-aloneRead More

Trucking in the Payoffs for GPS Tracking Technology

Application of GPS tracking for fleets has reached a popularity level that almost makes it commonplace. While debates concerning personal preferences and specific employee concern continue to place bumps in the road of complete GPS-controlled tracking and widespread fleet control, most seem to see the theoretical benefits offered and many have opted to give the concept a try. So now it’s time to ask the big question: Is GPS tracking for fleets actually working? Mobile Resource Management GPS tracking operating within the system of the Mobile Resource Management (MRM) created specifically to monitor many aspects of fleets, offers valuable feedbackRead More

Plowing the Way with GPS

The holiday cheer “Let it snow” has become true.The first weeks of 2014 saw heavy snowstorms that dropped several feet of snow in the Midwest. Even the South fell victim to the polar winter. The storm situations left messes that took days or weeks to clean. Of course, the biggest challenge is clearing snow and ice. How does all this snow get off the roads? As anyone who lives near snowy cities can tell you, the answer is the mighty plow trucks. The heavy work of snow removal takes time. Although a few feet of snow may have fallen overnight,Read More

Bus Travel is Safer With GPS Tracking

Buses in Malaysia may soon be monitored more effectively for safe driving habits, thanks to GPS tracking. The Land and Public Transport Commission (SPAD) in Malaysia wants the technology to be installed on all public buses so that unsafe driving habits such as disregarding speed limits and traffic laws can be addressed. Currently, only a few of the buses that provide public transportation are equipped with tracking units. Although no law requires bus companies to use the technology, a spokesperson for SPAD said that they hope all companies will cooperate willingly. The buses would be monitored at a central location,Read More