GPS Trackers Qualify as Search and Seizure

GPS Trackers Qualify as Search and Seizure

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that when police put a GPS tracker on you or your vehicle, it’s considered (under the law) a form of search. As such, it falls under the same Fourth Amendment rights as any other type of search. This is a big step forward for the court, since laws surrounding electronic devices like GPS trackers have not yet been entirely established. What This Ruling Means Right now, the lower courts in the U.S. will have to decide whether or not placing a GPS tracker on a person is considered a measure of reasonable search. ThisRead More

The Problem With Tracking Parrots

A Kea parrot.

Ever since the creation of the GPS tracking device, researchers and conservationists have had one goal: to find out more about the animals that we live alongside. One animal that we don’t know that much about is the wild parrot. But there’s a problem with tracking parrots. Parrots have strong beaks that they use to rip things apart–things like GPS trackers. Until this point, scientists have been thoroughly frustrated with the number of GPS collars that parrots have ripped apart. Now, researchers have discovered that tracking wild parrots is actually possible – they just have to create strong gps trackers!Read More

Tesla to Sell Cars in New Jersey Without Dealerships

A Tesla Charging Station - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Nearly a year ago, the state of New Jersey banned Tesla from selling its cars direct to the public. Today, Governor Chris Christie reversed that ban by signing a bill into law that allows the car company to sell directly to the public without the help or interference of any car dealerships. This is a major step forward for Tesla, since New Jersey is one of the states with the highest luxury car sales. The company has been banned from selling directly to the public in a number of other states including Texas, Michigan, Virginia, and Arizona. Tesla’s CEO ElonRead More

These Cities Have the Most Stolen Cars

A Porsche with stolen wheels on blocks.

Have you ever wondered how your city fares when it comes to auto theft rates? Forbes recently totaled the number of thefts in some of the biggest cities in the US, and here are the ones that have the highest car theft rates. Yeah, you may want to look into a car tracker if you live in any one of these spots! 1. San Francisco, CA: San Fran is definitely up there with some of the highest car theft rates per year at 23,000. 2. Fresno, CA: At the last census report, Fresno residents experienced around 8,000 car thefts annually.Read More

Safeti: A GPS-based Safety Device

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Every once in a while, a crowdfunding campaign catches our eye. This time that campaign is for a new device called ‘Safeti.’ Safeti is an “on-demand personal safety concierge” device that aims to make traveling alone or just walking around town alone safer. Here’s a closer look at the new Safeti device. What It Does Imagine for a moment that you’re leaving your gym at night, and you have to walk through a deserted indoor parking lot in order to reach your car. As you start walking, you hear footsteps behind you, and those footsteps start to increase in speedRead More

This Robot Can Fly a Plane

Airplane! Screenshot

Most of the commercial airplanes already in flight are controlled by robots, only those robots don’t look like people, they look like computers. There are still humans piloting the planes, just in case something goes  awry while a plane is on autopilot. Some South Korean scientists have created a different kind of robot. This one is called PIBOT, and it actually looks like a human, sits in the pilot’s seat, and can adapt to any plane and any situation effortlessly. What PIBOT Does Why would the world need a robot that looks like a human sitting in the pilot’s seat?Read More

Appeals Court: Evidence From Warrantless Tracking Is Admissible


In a surprising turn of events, the ‘Third Circuit Court of Appeals’ has ruled that any evidence collected from a GPS tracking device placed in a suspect’s vehicle without obtaining a warrant beforehand is admissible in court. This comes in the wake of the US v. Katzin case, where officers relied on data collected from a GPS vehicle tracking device to link Katzin to a string of pharmacy robberies. The ACLU claims that the placement of the device constitutes an unreasonable search. The recent judgement is considered a “good-faith exception.” The Ruling It started after the Third Circuit Court ofRead More

Stolen Cell Phone Leads Cops to Burglar


No one goes to bed at night expecting to find a stranger in the room in the morning. In fact, that’s the stuff nightmares are made of. But that’s exactly what happened to a Seattle woman in Beacon Hill. The intruder was in the process of helping himself to a cell phone and some camera equipment when the woman awoke and confronted him. When she pushed him, he turned and ran, taking the equipment with him. Unbeknownst to the thief, his every move was being monitored by the GPS tracking device in the woman’s cell phone. When police showed upRead More

India: Improving Police Response Time With GPS

India police man

The safety of women in India moved to the forefront two years ago after a 23-year-old female paramedic student was gang raped on a New Delhi bus. Just five months ago, their government approved an addition to the budget earmarked for the safety of women, their response to an unforgivable act that led to the death of that female student, and a way to strengthen laws protecting women’s safety. Part of the plan, proposed by acting chief secretary Sajal Chakraborty and transportation commissioner Manoj Kumar: all mass transit vehicles all across the state must install GPS devices within the nextRead More

Philadelphia: Appeals Court Focuses On GPS Tracking And Warrants


The US appeals court in Philadelphia has a tough decision to make. The courthouse was packed on May 28 during arguments regarding whether or not police should first obtain a warrant prior to placing a GPS tracking device on the car of a suspected criminal, all stemming from a string of pharmacy robberies located near Philadelphia. While it is definitely an effective way to determine the activities of a criminal in order to place him or her at the scene of a crime, it seems to completely violate that person’s right to privacy. Same Issue, Different Circumstances You might recallRead More