GPS Trackers Qualify as Search and Seizure

GPS Trackers Qualify as Search and Seizure

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that when police put a GPS tracker on you or your vehicle, it’s considered (under the law) a form of search. As such, it falls under the same Fourth Amendment rights as any other type of search. This is a big step forward for the court, since laws surrounding electronic devices like GPS trackers have not yet been entirely established. What This Ruling Means Right now, the lower courts in the U.S. will have to decide whether or not placing a GPS tracker on a person is considered a measure of reasonable search. ThisRead More

Is Hunting Helping With Conservation Efforts?

A lion sticking it's tongue out.

The Maasai people of Northern Kenya and Tanzania have always hunted lions. Certain men from this tribe have been given the title of ‘lion hunter’ in order to prevent lions from killing livestock, but also as a source of pride or rite of passage–it takes great courage to hunt lions. While seemingly impossible, conservationists have been able to work with the Maasai people in order to protect lions. How? A Mock Hunt The Maasai don’t hunt lions with modern weapons. Instead, they set out on foot in a group, find a lion, and close in on that lion with chantsRead More

These Cities Have the Most Stolen Cars

A Porsche with stolen wheels on blocks.

Have you ever wondered how your city fares when it comes to auto theft rates? Forbes recently totaled the number of thefts in some of the biggest cities in the US, and here are the ones that have the highest car theft rates. Yeah, you may want to look into a car tracker if you live in any one of these spots! 1. San Francisco, CA: San Fran is definitely up there with some of the highest car theft rates per year at 23,000. 2. Fresno, CA: At the last census report, Fresno residents experienced around 8,000 car thefts annually.Read More

The Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance (GPS) Act

Police using a drone to track criminals.

Members of both the House and Senate have recently introduced the Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance Act: requesting that police require a warrant in order to gather information via GPS tracking. Currently, police can use cellphone location data to track citizen movements, but lawmakers feel that this is unjust. A Useful Tool If Used Correctly There’s little doubt that GPS technology (whether in a phone or a GPS tracker) can provide police with valuable information in many different criminal and other cases. But lawmakers argue that these details should be private unless a warrant has been obtained. Simply purchasing a cellRead More

How GPS Saved This Woman’s Life

Old beat up GMC van.

GPS trackers tend to be in the news when a new product is launched, or when new technology related to GPS trackers is available. But every once in a while, GPS trackers manage to save someone’s life. This is exactly what happened in Philadelphia recently. A Kidnapped Woman Is Tracked On November 2nd, a woman was kidnapped while walking down the sidewalk. Surveillance cameras caught a van pulling up beside the woman, the body of a man stepping out and grabbing the woman, and the woman being shoved inside of the idling van. The video cameras that caught the crimeRead More

Inattention Blindness: What it Is and Why You Should Care

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There’s a new term circulating called “inattention blindness” that pertains mostly to the things you do while driving your car. Things like using voice commands. A new study conducted by the University of Utah’s Center for Distracted Driving indicates that people are distracted when using hands-free interfaces, and this distraction is just as dangerous as picking up the phone to call someone while you are driving. Why Hands-Free Can be Dangerous Your might have both hands on the steering wheel, and your eyes may be on the road, but if your brain is concentrating on trying to speak to yourRead More

Distracted Driver? Watch Out!


According to numerous sources, General Motors is working on technology that will pay close attention to a driver’s head and eye movements. The eye and head tracking tech will keep close watch over drivers that are distracted. Distracted drivers will hear warning sounds from the tracker, and drivers will be alerted when they are not paying enough attention to roads or to mirrors. Safety First GM hasn’t exactly had a solid track record when it comes to safety. In the past few months, the company has had a lot of recalls. But, GM is now focused on working with Australia-basedRead More

This Robot Can Fly a Plane

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Most of the commercial airplanes already in flight are controlled by robots, only those robots don’t look like people, they look like computers. There are still humans piloting the planes, just in case something goes  awry while a plane is on autopilot. Some South Korean scientists have created a different kind of robot. This one is called PIBOT, and it actually looks like a human, sits in the pilot’s seat, and can adapt to any plane and any situation effortlessly. What PIBOT Does Why would the world need a robot that looks like a human sitting in the pilot’s seat?Read More

Appeals Court: Evidence From Warrantless Tracking Is Admissible


In a surprising turn of events, the ‘Third Circuit Court of Appeals’ has ruled that any evidence collected from a GPS tracking device placed in a suspect’s vehicle without obtaining a warrant beforehand is admissible in court. This comes in the wake of the US v. Katzin case, where officers relied on data collected from a GPS vehicle tracking device to link Katzin to a string of pharmacy robberies. The ACLU claims that the placement of the device constitutes an unreasonable search. The recent judgement is considered a “good-faith exception.” The Ruling It started after the Third Circuit Court ofRead More

GPS Tracking of NY Assemblyman Legal, But Acceptable?

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Politics can be a dirty game. Negative ads abound, and during voting season some politicians will stop at nothing to prove points. This was the case in NY when the state’s Assembly Republican Campaign Committee hired an investigator that placed a GPS tracking device on Democratic Assemblyman Edward Hennessey’s car. Why? To prove he didn’t live in the district he represented. Many, like Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle, feel that this is taking things too far – Morelle went so far as to say that the GOP should be “embarrassed by it.” Others, like the GOP Chairman Ed Cox, feltRead More