Relocating Your Stolen Assets

I’d like to applaud a site I came across recently: . They catalog and promote information to help find stolen cars, trailers and all kinds of personal property. The good news is that there a people who recover cars and trailers and post that information. The bad news is that I see a campers, cars and motorbikes that are missing for an extended amount of time and are in rough shape if and when the property comes back. Rocky Mountain Tracking Smart Trackers are inexpensive and far less than the $400 and $500 rewards I’m seeing on the site. If youRead More

The Dangers of Following an In-Car GPS Map

The Dangers of Following an In-Car GPS Map

GPS navigation systems can be a godsend. If you’re trying to get somewhere you’ve never been, or you’re just trying to figure out how to find that place you have been to by car, a GPS system can help you get to your destination quickly. But there is an issue with following a navigation system blindly. You still have to use common sense, and understand that your GPS might not always be right. A Sad Case Recently, a woman in Chicago died after her husband followed a GPS navigation map that led him to try and cross a bridge thatRead More

Silvercar: A Different Kind of Car Rental Service

Silver Car

If you’ve ever stood in line after a long flight and waited for a rental car, you know just how taxing this process can be. That’s why Silvercar was invented. Silvercar’s logo is “car rental that doesn’t suck,” and that’s exactly what the company tries to do. If you have an upcoming trip to book, here’s why you may want to check out Silvercar instead of going the regular car rental route. One Type of Car The thing that sets Silvercar apart from the other car rental agencies is that this company only rents one type of car: the AudiRead More

Smartphones vs. Dedicated GPS Devices


Why would a company that owns a few service vehicles prefer to install dedicated GPS tracking devices in their vehicles instead of just issuing employees smartphones? Smartphones are great! I have two smartphones in my household and most of my friends have one. One of my favorite features of the iPhone is its built-in GPS. I prefer it to my vehicle’s built-in navigation system for finding places to eat. At Rocky Mountain Tracking we loved the idea of building tracking apps for smartphones. We assumed that dedicated devices would eventually be phased out, but that hasn’t happened – mainly because ofRead More

Smart Shoes to Go with Your Smart Phone

shoe radar

Imagine being able to walk around town, any town, like you have always lived there—no tell-tale signs of looking down at a map or referencing a handheld GPS tracking device. Now, imagine being visually impaired and having the same ability to navigate the streets. You no longer have to just imagine; the reality is here. Ducere Technologies, an India-based company, just announced that it is ready to launch the Lechal shoe, the newest thing in footwear to help strangers feel at home anywhere they go. About the Company In 2011, two friends came together to change the world. They startedRead More

Where is GPS Navigation Headed?

For a few Christmas seasons in a row, there was one big gift idea—the one that everyone wanted, even though it was very expensive. Its capabilities seemed almost magical; it promised to increase efficiency by large margins for anyone fortunate enough to own it; and it was downright fun to use. It was, of course, the stand-alone GPS navigation device. During the first week of January each year, brand new navigators popped up on the dashboards of cars across the country. Today, however, many of those coveted devices lie unused, perhaps even consigned to the glove compartment. Is the stand-aloneRead More

Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet: GPS Questions

EDITOR’S NOTE: At the time of this article’s writing, the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is still underway. Hopefully it will have been found by the time of publication, but the GPS issues raised by the tragedy are relevant whatever the outcome. As people around the world watch, naval forces from numerous countries comb the ocean around Vietnam for any trace of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. There have been several false hopes of success, as searchers found unrelated bits of debris and oil remnants floating on the water. As the days wear on with virtually no developments, thoseRead More

Global Positioning Systems Vulnerable to Solar Super Storms?

Some experts are predicting that there is at least a 1 out of 10 chance that a solar super storm will hit Earth in the next decade. Effects of it could include widespread worldwide electric blackouts, as well as the failure of GPS technologies. However, both Britain and the United States are putting together early warning systems that may enable companies to prepare for such storms and protect their electronic equipment—including GPS technologies—from them. Solar Super Storms: Definitions So, what exactly is a “solar super storm”? How rare are they? Do they really hit our planet? And, if so, whatRead More

Busting Poachers With Their Own GPS

The “law of unintended consequences” is one that experienced professionals in all fields have learned to respect. It is very simple but very easily ignored by beginners, leading to inconvenience (at best) or disaster (at worst). Perhaps nowhere is the law of unintended consequences better illustrated than in the sea between India and the island nation of Sri Lanka. There, fishermen using GPS navigation to find the best catch have found themselves convicted of trespassing by their own devices’ data. Turf Arguments at Sea Disagreement over national borders on the oceans is extremely complex. There are no landmarks like riversRead More

USAF Next Generation GPS 3 Back On Track After A Bump In The Road

It seems that the road to an updated constellation of GPS satellites isn’t entirely smooth, after problems arose with the navigation payload being built by Exelis. The problem was corrected, and everything is back to normal, according to an Exelis spokesperson. It seems the trouble started a little before September. Exelis wouldn’t provide the US Air Force with a firm delivery date because of issues they ran into regarding the manufacture and processing of the GPS 3 navigation payload. Despite the setback, the GPS 3 program’s schedule remained on track. Gen. William Shelton, commander of Air Force Space Command, said,Read More