The Dangers of Following an In-Car GPS Map

The Dangers of Following an In-Car GPS Map

GPS navigation systems can be a godsend. If you’re trying to get somewhere you’ve never been, or you’re just trying to figure out how to find that place you have been to by car, a GPS system can help you get to your destination quickly. But there is an issue with following a navigation system blindly. You still have to use common sense, and understand that your GPS might not always be right. A Sad Case Recently, a woman in Chicago died after her husband followed a GPS navigation map that led him to try and cross a bridge thatRead More

Could Weather Reports Start to Get More Accurate?

Satellite Orbiting Earth - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Weather reports are kind of a joke, right? Most of the time, the weather that’s predicted isn’t accurate, and sometimes it’s downright laughable. Your local weather person might predict the biggest blizzard of the century, which may cause airports and roads to shut down, but after all is said and done that blizzard may turn out to be nothing more than a few snowflakes. And what about all those times that you’ve dressed lightly based on a report of “sun, sun, sun!” only to walk to work in frigid temperatures wishing you hadn’t listened? Ah, the weather, that unpredictable thing!Read More

An Old Wolf Face Pops Up In Oregon

Gray wolf laying down.

Some time ago, we wrote about a wolf here on the RMT blog that was nicknamed “OR-7.” OR-7 was tracked using a tracking device that researchers attached to the wolf. Now, OR-7 has popped up once again, but this time he comes with his own pack. OR-7 has been spotted in Oregon along with his mate and their pups. A Famous Wolf When wildlife researchers started to track OR-7 back in 2011, the wolf became something of a celebrity overnight. OR-7 left his home in northeastern Oregon to find a mate, and this meant leaving his beloved home pack. WolvesRead More

Ways to Get Freight Loads that Pay

Shipping crates stacked on each other.

Owners and operators in the freight world know one thing to be very true: without loads, there is no business. As luck would have it, the holiday season tends to be one of the slowest too. So, how do you get the work when there just aren’t a ton to go around? Here are some helpful tips. Your Ideal Client The fastest way to start is to check a load board. Picking from a load board is likely to get you smaller paying gigs — a lot of boards only have small or one-time jobs.. That may not be theRead More

CNet’s Tech Cars of the Year (2014)

Satellite Orbiting Earth - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog is one of the most reliable tech review websites. Throughout the year, journalists at CNet test various components of popular cars based on a tech criteria. Things like the best in-car command system, stereo, and drivetrain are all taken into account in each review that CNet publishes. At the end of the year, the company posts the best tech cars that the CNet team tested. Here’s this year’s list. 2015 BMW i8: The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid that doesn’t look like your typical hybrid. This car has a carbon fiber body, in-car apps that impress, various driverRead More

Seiko’s New Astron GPS Watch

Seiko Astron GPS Watch

With all the hype about the new James Bond movie, you might be inclined to think the new Seiko Astron is a 007 gadget — that’s the fictitious stuff that the Astron is made of. But this isn’t fiction. It’s a real watch that anyone (spy or otherwise) can wear. What’s spy-like about the Astron is that it harnesses the power of GPS satellites. The automatic watch changes time no matter where you are on the planet using GPS technology. No more messing with watch times when you cross the pond, and no more arriving to a meeting three hoursRead More

How to Buy a GPS Navigation System

GPS Navigation system with no reception.

Have you looked at the many GPS tracking systems out there lately? Whether you’re buying one for yourself or for someone on your holiday list, there’s a good chance that you have no idea which decision is the right one. The choices of GPS tracking systems can be dizzying, but there are some fundamental things that any good GPS system should have – take a look. Easy updates. The biggest complaint that people have about any GPS tracking system is that most are outdated quickly. Updating some GPS systems can be a real hassle. One of the things to lookRead More

BMW ConnectedDrive Is Here

BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW has been putting SIM cards into all the models the company has created since this past April. These SIM cards are what BMW’s ConnectedDrive is based on, and new BMW owners can use these connected options right away. It wasn’t too long ago that we were talking about the future of connected cars, and now BMW’s connected options are here – that’s kind of mind-blowing. But, what’s inside of the new BMW’s and why would you want one? Here’s a closer look. Inside the New BMW Models The ConnectedDrive options that BMW has recently created are optional on almostRead More

Is Audi’s RS7 The Fastest Self-Driving Car On Earth?

Audi RS7 on the Hockenheimring Track

This past weekend, Audi demonstrated just how fast the new RS7 could go on a track in Germany. The car zoomed past onlookers gazing at the blur with open mouths. Not only is the RS7 fast, it’s also a self-driving car. As Audi would like people to refer to it, a “piloted driving” car. The Speed Test The RS7 was demonstrated on the Hockenheim speed track in Germany, and the car reached speeds of 149 MPH – that is, indeed, the fastest tracked time for a self-driving car. Since the RS7 is a piloted driving car, there’s no driver needed,Read More

Smartphones vs. Dedicated GPS Devices


Why would a company that owns a few service vehicles prefer to install dedicated GPS tracking devices in their vehicles instead of just issuing employees smartphones? Smartphones are great! I have two smartphones in my household and most of my friends have one. One of my favorite features of the iPhone is its built-in GPS. I prefer it to my vehicle’s built-in navigation system for finding places to eat. At Rocky Mountain Tracking we loved the idea of building tracking apps for smartphones. We assumed that dedicated devices would eventually be phased out, but that hasn’t happened – mainly because ofRead More