Swans Tracked Using GPS Trackers

A swan.

Every year, a number of Bewick swans make the move from the UK to a breeding ground in Arctic Russia. This year, some of those swans are being tracked using GPS tracking technology, so that researchers can better understand the bird’s migratory patterns. A Population Problem In the UK, the Bewick swan is the rarest swan that can be found, but for some reason the number of Bewick swans in the UK is drastically declining. Researchers aren’t sure why this is happening, but it’s important they find out. If something is eating the swans or if the swans are justRead More

Tesla to Sell Cars in New Jersey Without Dealerships

A Tesla Charging Station - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Nearly a year ago, the state of New Jersey banned Tesla from selling its cars direct to the public. Today, Governor Chris Christie reversed that ban by signing a bill into law that allows the car company to sell directly to the public without the help or interference of any car dealerships. This is a major step forward for Tesla, since New Jersey is one of the states with the highest luxury car sales. The company has been banned from selling directly to the public in a number of other states including Texas, Michigan, Virginia, and Arizona. Tesla’s CEO ElonRead More

Apple’s Upcoming Electric Car

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According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently making an electric car. This news might not surprise many tech-savvy readers, since tech, in general, is largely headed in the connected car direction, so why wouldn’t one of the world’s biggest tech leaders (Apple) get in on this fast sailing ship? Apple tends to keep all projects that the company is working on top secret, which is why we never hear much about any new Apple product before an official launch date. But, WSJ has some speculative secrets about the new Apple car. If you think that youRead More

University of Miami Football Latest to Employ GPS Technology

The University of Miami sign.

When you are picked up by a college football team, you’re expected to work hard to perform better than you did during the last game or practice. They strive for excellence, and you work your hardest to provide it. But certain aspects of your performance are tough to measure. Sure, you can measure muscles and weigh yourself, tracking just how much stronger you are than the last time you worked out, but on the field, it’s tough to measure a variety of stats that could help you see just where you need improvement. Many teams around the world–football, soccer, andRead More

Atmospheric Froth and GPS

The sky. It's big, and blue.

Atmospheric froth is the name that scientists have given to irregularities in the ionosphere (the part of the atmosphere that separates Earth and space), and it’s a major point of interest for NASA and for researchers at the University of New Brunswick. Why is froth gaining so much attention? Simply put, those irregularities are causing problems with radio signals from GPS satellites and with aircraft. How GPS Happens We tend to take GPS for granted regularly. We use GPS on our phones, in our cars, and to track items of all kinds. In order for all of these things toRead More

A Canadian Wild Boar Problem

Wild boars playing in the mud.

What happens when you introduce a new species into a foreign place? In the case of numerous wild boar in Saskatchewan, you get a species that thrives quite unexpectedly. Fish and Game authorities in Saskatchewan, Canada, introduced a number of wild boar into the environment to help with agricultural diversification. What authorities didn’t account for was that wild boar can survive in harsh climates, and wouldn’t simply die out as they had originally thought. Boars Like Cold Weather Wild boars live naturally in Russia, and Russia is known for its harsh climates. When the boars were brought into Saskatchewan, itRead More

GPS May Be Coming to Aussie Sports Soon

Rugby team scoring points.

Various NFL teams already use GPS tracking devices on the field to track player movements, and now the National Rugby League and the Australian Football League are considering putting GPS trackers in balls. Both leagues are hoping that with the data from the GPS trackers, teams can improve their gameplay. How GPS Will Change the Game The small trackers that the NRL and AFL are considering would be placed directly inside of balls for each respective sport. Since the trackers can keep tabs on things like speed and how long a player holds onto a ball, the GPS devices canRead More

Android Cars on the Horizon, Google Says

Google Maps Car

There is no question that technology advances seemingly at the speed of light. It isn’t just computers – televisions can now be controlled by hand gestures, houses can be controlled remotely from your smartphone, and auto GPS trackers are a only a small part of a much larger system that brings more information than ever before while you drive around in your car. Would you have imagined decades ago that your voice would control a host of features in your car, like playing music on your iPod without ever taking your hands off the wheel? For that matter, who everRead More

You Can Now Buy a Volvo Online

An old green Volvo.

Car manufacturer Volvo has announced that the company will start to sell cars online. This is a first for Volvo. It’s also a first for most car companies other than Tesla (you can buy some Tesla models online), but Volvo’s strategy seems to be focused on the online market – with eCommerce becoming more and more what consumers want. Volvo has told press that the company aims to make all of its models available digitally to consumers through the Volvo website. But, there’s a catch. Volvo models might be available online, though consumers will have to go through a dealershipRead More

CNet’s Tech Cars of the Year (2014)

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CNet.com is one of the most reliable tech review websites. Throughout the year, journalists at CNet test various components of popular cars based on a tech criteria. Things like the best in-car command system, stereo, and drivetrain are all taken into account in each review that CNet publishes. At the end of the year, the company posts the best tech cars that the CNet team tested. Here’s this year’s list. 2015 BMW i8: The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid that doesn’t look like your typical hybrid. This car has a carbon fiber body, in-car apps that impress, various driverRead More