Why Tracking Rhinos Is Important

Rhino poaching is a big problem, but it’s possible that a new GPS tracking collar could save the day. For fleet tracking help, call RMT today.

The illegal wildlife trade is estimated at $7-10 billion dollars annually. This is in line with human trafficking and drug trafficking, and is a major problem for the planet – not just for those countries where hunted animals reside. One of the wildlife species that is most often hunted is the wild rhinoceros. If poachers keep killing rhinos at the rate that they are killing them right now, there won’t be any rhinos left on the planet in a just a few short years. While there are wildlife protection agents available in various parts of the world that have theRead More

Tiny GPS Trackers to Track Songbirds

Scientists are using GPS tracking technology to track the tiniest of animals - including this small creature.

GPS tracking devices can be used for a lot of things, but tracking tiny songbirds is a first. Researchers at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute’s Migratory Bird Center have successfully begun tracking small songbirds, which is something that has never happened before. Why would researchers want to track songbirds? Check it out! Where Do They Go? It has been known for a long time that songbirds migrate to warmer climates during the wintertime. But scientists didn’t know where the birds were going exactly or how they were getting there in precise terms. Prior to the invention of small GPS trackingRead More

Are Hedgehogs on the Verge of Extinction?

GPS tracking devices have many different uses including tracking wildlife. For your GPS tracker, call RMT today.

Most of us never think about hedgehogs, but these little creatures are disappearing in fast numbers – in the city of London, at least. London used to have a lot of hedgehogs in the city’s parks and in wilderness areas. But since developments have started to spring up in the city, hedgehog populations have started to dwindle. Right now, very few hedgehogs remain in London causing concern from wildlife officials. Smart Hedgehogs Wildlife experts that are studying the small creatures in London have discerned that the hedgehogs that do remain are adapting to city life rather well. There’s no signRead More

Wandering Mountain Lion Gets GPS

Tracking devices can do a lot of things, even help scientists study mountain lions. For GPS tracking devices, call RMT today!

What do you do when a mountain lion saunters up to your doorway and plops on your front porch? If you live in San Mateo, you may be somewhat used to this kind of event. This part of the world has been experiencing a lot of wandering mountain lions lately. The latest mountain lion to wander into a San Mateo backyard has been successfully tranquilized and tagged with a GPS tracker. The lion has now been released back into the wild. Why Track a Lion? Why are researchers so interested in tracking a lion? Lately, there have been a lotRead More

The Secret Lives of Pandas

The Secret Lives of Pandas

We don’t know much about pandas, and (as it turns out) all that we did know might not actually be true. For the first time, researchers have used GPS tracking devices to track the behavior of pandas. What they have recently discovered is that pandas aren’t as lazy as once thought. Mating Rituals Previously, it was believed that pandas were too lazy to mate, which is why pandas don’t reproduce in large numbers. But by attaching GPS collars to five pandas in China’s Wolong Nature Reserve, scientists have been able to view pandas like never before – without the interferenceRead More

The Problem With Tracking Parrots

A Kea parrot.

Ever since the creation of the GPS tracking device, researchers and conservationists have had one goal: to find out more about the animals that we live alongside. One animal that we don’t know that much about is the wild parrot. But there’s a problem with tracking parrots. Parrots have strong beaks that they use to rip things apart–things like GPS trackers. Until this point, scientists have been thoroughly frustrated with the number of GPS collars that parrots have ripped apart. Now, researchers have discovered that tracking wild parrots is actually possible – they just have to create strong gps trackers!Read More

Swans Tracked Using GPS Trackers

A swan.

Every year, a number of Bewick swans make the move from the UK to a breeding ground in Arctic Russia. This year, some of those swans are being tracked using GPS tracking technology, so that researchers can better understand the bird’s migratory patterns. A Population Problem In the UK, the Bewick swan is the rarest swan that can be found, but for some reason the number of Bewick swans in the UK is drastically declining. Researchers aren’t sure why this is happening, but it’s important they find out. If something is eating the swans or if the swans are justRead More

Is Hunting Helping With Conservation Efforts?

A lion sticking it's tongue out.

The Maasai people of Northern Kenya and Tanzania have always hunted lions. Certain men from this tribe have been given the title of ‘lion hunter’ in order to prevent lions from killing livestock, but also as a source of pride or rite of passage–it takes great courage to hunt lions. While seemingly impossible, conservationists have been able to work with the Maasai people in order to protect lions. How? A Mock Hunt The Maasai don’t hunt lions with modern weapons. Instead, they set out on foot in a group, find a lion, and close in on that lion with chantsRead More

Celebs Love GPS Coordinate Tattoos

Slahs Gets A Tattoo - Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS Blog

The trend might have been started by Angelina Jolie, but ‘Guns and Roses’ guitarist Slash is carrying on the trend. What trend? The one where celebrities tattoo GPS coordinates on their bodies. Jolie has the coordinates of each of the birthplaces of all of her children tattooed on her arm, and Slash now has some coordinates of his own tattooed on his neck (ouch!). Slash’s Coordinate Significance According to various celebrity publications, Slash now has coordinates that lead to Chicago, Illinois, and Woodland Hills, California tattooed on his neck. Why? His new girlfriend (Slash has recently been divorced for theRead More

Hunting With Hawks

Goshawk in the grass.

Have you ever wondered how a hawk hunts? How the creatures zero in on prey, how they stalk, and how they kill? If you’ve ever seen a hawk circling its prey in the open sky, you know just how amazing these creatures are and how very little we know about them! From a Hawk’s View It has long been assumed that a hawk spots its prey, and then simply flies down from the sky to attack that prey, but that’s not what a team of researchers has discovered. Researchers recently strapped a camera to the helmet of a Goshawk inRead More