Citizen Scientists Study Domestic Cats with GPS Tracker


Most people say that dog is a man’s best friend, but we do seem to love cats a whole lot. Go online and you’ll find out just how devoted we are to our feline friends. There are thousands of websites featuring cat pictures, cat jokes, cat videos and just overall fawning over kitties. Your Facebook newsfeed probably has a few regular cat pictures or videos posted to it. Go on Youtube, and there are countless videos featuring furry felines doing silly, or sometimes impressive, things. Recently, there was a viral video making the rounds showing a small child being attackedRead More

Safe in Plain Sight

Police in Arizona were able to use a GPS tracking technology fitted camera to track and arrest a suspected burglar in January after a house was broken into and robbed. The house was broken into despite several burglar alarm signs on the premises and the burglar made off with about $10,000 worth of electronics and jewelry. Fortunately for the homeowner, he had the forethought to plant several GPS tracking devices among his personal belongings that allowed the police to find the suspect with very little problem within about 24 hours. For all that was missing, only some jewelry was notRead More

GPS Tracking for Pets

GPS technology may be the answer for pet owners who are frustrated by animals that seem to keep wandering off. They can quickly locate the missing pet, instead of spending long hours searching for and worrying about it. The Problem Although some animals seem to be content to stay right with their owners or even curled up indoors on their comfortable bed, many others seem to have a built-in wanderlust. As soon as a door is open or the owner’s back is turned, these animals dart off and may not return for hours or days. Other animals escape from fear.Read More

Protect Your Pet From Bad Weather With GPS

Oklahoma City is known for some disastrous weather. Strong winds and tornadoes have devastated homes and families. In severe weather, people not only lose their property, sometimes family members (including pets) can go missing as well. Pets can get swept up by intense winds, or simply run away to find some safe shelter. In 2012, Oklahoma City animal welfare found more than 27,000 lost pets and only around 1,500 of them were reunited with their families. Animal shelters are encouraging pet owners to invest in a GPS tracking device to better the chances of finding a pet if it getsRead More

From the Great to the Small, GPS Tracks Them All

We live in an age of grand technology, don’t we? We have flying machines and diving vehicles. With the internet, we can exchange information around the globe with lightning speed. We have satellites in orbit around our planet serving dozens of purposes, from weather prediction and observation, to GPS tracking and navigation, to military communications.   There are some other, still remarkable, technologies which work closer to home; we have touch-screen computers and mobile phones, incredibly vast quantities of digital storage and memory space available to us, and even GPS tracking capabilities for our automobiles and… our pets? Yes, indeed;Read More

Track Your Cat, Dog, or Even Horse With Tractive

GPS Dog Walking

Move over, Tagg. There’s a new GPS tracker on the block for pet owners looking for an easy way to know where they are at all times. Tractive, an Austrian company, unveiled its GPS tracking device at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which gives pet owners peace of mind with real-time tracking and location information.   Yes, Tagg has been around for a while. However, it is very limited in its application. The Tagg GPS tracking device is quite large, and this means it is only suitable for medium to large sized dogs. The location tracking itself is farRead More

GPS Tracking Keeps Pets Safe and Healthy

pet tracking

Any fitness buff who has incorporated the FitBit tracker or Nike + iPod sports kit will tell you how indispensable the technology is to his or her routine. GPS tracking has revolutionized the fitness world by allowing users to record their pace, total time (and individual lap) length, personal bests, and similar statistics. Now thanks to companies like Snaptracs, with their invention of the Tagg collar attachment device, pet owners can now have the same type of data recorded about their furry family members.   GPS Tracking Finds Furry Escape Artists GPS tracking enables owners to follow their pet’s everyRead More

CSU Student Studies Domestic Cats with GPS Tracking Devices


We’ve reported dozens of stories here at RMT involving researchers studying wildlife with GPS tracking devices. This technology gives scientists a rare look into the movements of animals in their natural habitat, away from human eye-sight. More recently, a student at Colorado State University (CSU) began tracking felines in the Boulder area. Stephanie Ashley has attached GPS devices to several dozen domesticated, but “outdoor” cats and is monitoring their activity. In addition to gathering information about the cats’ whereabouts, she is also tracking how many animals are killed and brought home by the cats. In the last you months, theRead More

Karma Missing Pet Network: Combining Social Media and GPS to Find Missing Pets

Ryan Vinson, software developer, was inspired to create an app after volunteering with his local animal rescue center in Los Angeles. He watched as countless missing pet signs covered the streets each day, and decided he wanted to find a way to help owners find their missing furry friends. An iPhone app was launched a few months ago and has gained a host of users due mostly to the GPS functionality and free price tag, and its success has pushed Vinson a step further into developing a website to enhance his app. is live, although it is stillRead More

Who’s Walking the Dog?

GPS Dog Walking

Dog-walking has come a long way since the days of giving the neighbor boy a buck to take the dog around the block a few times. It’s a serious business these days, particularly in areas where many dog owners are high-powered executives who care about their pets but just don’t have the time to give them regular exercise. A GPS application now gives owners the ability to check up on the dog walking service they hire and see if Fido is really getting his ten laps.   VeriWalk, not surprisingly, was co-developed by a dog owner who was tired ofRead More